~Youthful Folly~
~Plot Synopsis~
Beautiful ex-Follies girl Olive Thomas both wrote the story for and starred in this drama. She would die
mysteriously in Paris only a few months after the film's release. Nancy Sherwin (Thomas) leads a dull life
on a plantation with three old maid aunts including her Aunt Martha (Florida Kinglsey) and Aunt Jenny
(Eugenia Woodward). Her life perks up, however, with the appearance of her cousin, Lola (Helen Gill),
who is visiting from New York. What Nancy doesn't know is that Lola is escaping a scandal she created by
carrying on with David Montgomery (Crawford Kent), even though she is married to Jonathan Ainsley
(Harry Truesday). Montgomery comes South looking for her, and Nancy immediately becomes infatuated
with him. Lola sees an opportunity: if Montgomery marries Nancy, it will distract attention from herself.
The aunts want Nancy off their hands, so Nancy and Montgomery head for the altar. The worldly husband
and naïve, innocent wife make for an odd couple, and when his ward, Jimsy Blake (Hugh Huntley), shows
up, an innocent friendship springs up between him and Nancy. Montgomery, meanwhile, has continued
his flirtation with Lola, who is still afraid of losing him. She convinces Nancy that he did not marry her for
love, and Nancy is heartbroken. Lola's husband, meanwhile, is mad with jealousy and he comes down to
shoot Montgomery. Nancy leaps in front of her husband and takes the shot. She is seriously wounded and
while she is recuperating, she and Montgomery reconcile.

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Directed by: Alan Crosland    

Written by:  
John Lynch - scenario
Olive Thomas - story

Olive Thomas ...  Nancy Sherwin
Crauford Kent ...  David Montgomery
Helen Gill ...  Lola Ainsley
Hugh Huntley ...  Jimsy Blake
Charles Craig ...  Reverend Bluebottle
Howard Truesdale ...  Jonathan Ainsley
Florida Kingsley ...  Aunt Martha
Eugenie Woodward ...  Aunt Jenny
Pauline Dempsey ...  Mammy
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Selznick Pictures Corporation

Cinematography by: Jules Cronjager
Presenter: Lewis J. Selznick

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: March 8, 1920