~Win That Girl~
~But-2-61: Sue Carol, Tom Elliott and David Rollins ~
~Plot Synopsis~
A gridiron rivalry between two colleges is entering its third generation, and the Norton family (father
and grandfather were members of teams defeated by rival squads captained by members of the Brawn
family) rears Johnny Norton, 3d, to be a star football player. The lad is underweight, however, and
initially shows a talent only for drop kicking. During the big game, Johnny is substituted for another
player and leads his team to victory, winning for himself the love of Gloria Havens.
Directed by: David Butler

Written by:
Dudley Early - titles
John Stone - writer

Based on the short story "Father and Son" by James Hopper in  The
Saturday Evening Post  (25 Oct 1924).

David Rollins ...  Johnny Norton III
Sue Carol ...  Gloria Havens
Tom Elliott ...  Larry Brawn III
Roscoe Karns ...  Johnny Norton II
Olin Francis ...  Larry Brawn II
Mack Fluker ...  Johnny Norton I
Sidney Bracey ...  Larry Brawn I
Janet McLeod ...  Clara Gentle
Maxine Shelly ...  1880 Girl
Betty Recklaw ...  1905 Girl
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Fox Film Corporation

Cinematography by: Glen MacWilliams    
Film Editing by: Irene Morra    
Assistant Director: Lesley Selander
Presenter: William Fox

Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: September 16, 1928