~Will Rogers~

Born: November 4, 1879 in  Oologah, Indian Territory, USA
Died: August 15, 1935 in Point Barrow, Alaska, USA
As a boy, Rogers became an expert rider and rope-twirler; he first performed in a Johannesburg Wild
West Show during the Boer War. In the U.S., he worked in fairs and vaudeville, gradually developing an
act that included humor. He began appearing in musical comedy in 1912; five years later, he starred with
the Ziegfeld Follies. Beginning in 1918, Rogers appeared in many feature and short films, but his appeal
in the silent medium was limited; when he tried to produce and direct his own films, he lost a good deal
of his own money. However, once the sound era began, he quickly became one of the nation's most
popular performers -- his folksy wit and down-home philosophy making him an ambassador of rural
America and spokesman for the common folk. Rogers also worked on radio and wrote newspaper
columns. He turned down an offer to run for Governor of Oklahoma, but served as Mayor of Beverly
Hills and campaigned actively (via his very influential columns) for Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932. He
died in an airplane crash with aviator Wiley Post in 1935. He was portrayed in three films by his
look-alike son, Will Rogers Jr. -- one was the biopic The Will Rogers Story (1952). He was also the
central subject of the Broadway musical The Will Rogers Follies, in which he was portrayed by Keith
Carradine and Mac Davis.

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~Silent Filmography~

In Old Kentucky (1935) ... Steve Tapley
Steamboat Round the Bend (1935) ... Doctor John Pearly
Doubting Thomas (1935) ... Thomas Brown
Life Begins at 40 (1935) ... Kenesaw H. Clark
The County Chairman (1935) ... Jim Hackler
Judge Priest (1934) ... Judge Priest
Handy Andy (1934) ... Andrew Yates
David Harum (1934) ... David Harum
Mr. Skitch (1933) ... Mr. Ira Skitch
Doctor Bull (1933) ... Dr. George 'Doc' Bull
State Fair (1933) ... Abel Frake
Too Busy to Work (1932) ... Jubilo
Down to Earth (1932) ... Pike Peters
Business and Pleasure (1932) ... Earl Tinker
Ambassador Bill (1931) ... Bill Harper
Young as You Feel (1931) ... Lemuel Morehouse
A Connecticut Yankee (1931) ... Hank Martin
Lightnin' (1930) ... Lightnin' Bill Jones
So This Is London (1930) ... Hiram Draper

They Had to See Paris (1929) .... Pike Peters
A Texas Steer (1927) .... Cattle Brander
Tiptoes (1927) .... Uncle Hen Kaye
... aka Tip Toes
Gee Whiz, Genevieve (1924) -
Movie Still Code: R-4
A Truthful Liar (1924) .... Ambassador Alfalfa Doolittle
Our Congressman (1924) .... Alfalfa Doolittle
... aka Alfalfa Doolittle, Our Congressman (USA)
Jubilo, Jr. (1924) .... Jubilo/Himself -
Movie Still Code: A-29
Don't Park There (1924)
Going to Congress (1924) .... Alfalfa Doolittle
High Brow Stuff (1924)
The Cake Eater (1924)
The Cowboy Sheik (1924) .... 'Two Straw' Bill - Movie Still Code: R-6
Two Wagons Both Covered (1924) .... William Banion/Bill Jackson - Movie Still Code: R-5
Uncensored Movies (1923) .... Lem Skagwillow - Movie Stilll Code: R-3
Hustlin' Hank (1923) .... Hank - Movie Still Code: R-2
Jus' Passin' Through (1923) .... The Hobo - Movie Still Code: R-1
Hollywood (1923) ... Himself
Fruits of Faith (1922)
... aka Fruits of the Faith (USA: informal alternative title)
The Headless Horseman (1922) .... Ichabod Crane
The Ropin' Fool (1922) .... 'Ropes' Reilly (the ropin' fool)
One Glorious Day (1922) .... Professor Ezra Botts
A Poor Relation (1921) .... Noah Vale
Doubling for Romeo (1921) .... Sam Cody / Romeo
An Unwilling Hero (1921) .... Dick
Boys Will Be Boys (1921) .... Peep O'Day
Guile of Women (1920) .... Hjalmar Maartens
Honest Hutch (1920) .... Hutch
Cupid the Cowpuncher (1920) .... Alec Lloyd
... aka Alec Lloyd the Cowpuncher (USA: alternative title)
Jes' Call Me Jim (1920) .... Jim Fenton
The Strange Boarder (1920) .... Sam Gardner
Water, Water Everywhere (1920) .... Billy Fortune
Jubilo (1919) .... Jubilo
Almost a Husband (1919) .... Sam Lyman
Laughing Bill Hyde (1918) .... Bill Hyde


Stand Up and Cheer! (story idea suggested) (1934)

A Texas Steer (1927) (titles)
Our Congressman (1924) (titles)
... aka Alfalfa Doolittle, Our Congressman (USA)
Going to Congress (1924) (titles)
The Cake Eater (1924) (titles)
The Cowboy Sheik (1924) (titles)
Two Wagons Both Covered (1924) (screenplay)
The Ropin' Fool (1922) (written by)
Doubling for Romeo (1921) (writer)
Almost a Husband (1919) (titles)
Roaring Camp (1916) (writer)


The Ropin' Fool (Short) (producer) (1922)