~William Haines~
Born: January 2, 1900 in Staunton, Virginia, USA
Died: December 26, 1973 in Santa Monica, California, USA
~Various Portraits of
William Haines~
a New York bond house when he sent in his photograph to a "New Faces" contest sponsored by movie
producer Samuel Goldwyn. The winners of the contest were Haines and another future film star, Eleanor
Boardman. Entering films in 1922, Haines rose to stardom at MGM as the star of several breezy
comedy-dramas, in which he usually played a smart-lipped braggart who was forced to eat humble pie
sometime before the fadeout. Some of Haines' most popular films were those with a sports setting:
Leaving his Virginia hometown at age 14 to earn a living, William Haines was an assistant bookkeeper at
Brown of Harvard (1926), Slide Kelly Slide (1927), Spring Fever (1927). His favorite leading ladies
included Joan Crawford and Marion Davies. Though he weathered the changeover to talkies, Haines'
Leaving his Virginia hometown at age 14 to earn a living, William Haines was an assistant bookkeeper at
popularity diminished in the early 1930s, due to the emergence of younger cocksure types like James
Cagney and Robert Montgomery. After his film career ended in 1934 (an event accelerated in part by
public revelation of the actor's homosexuality), William Haines launched a successful second career as a
highly sought-after interior decorator.

Biography by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com

The Marines Are Coming (1934) ... Lt. William 'Wild Bill' Traylor
Young and Beautiful (1934) ... Robert Preston
Fast Life (1932) ... Sandy
Are You Listening? (1932) ... Bill Grimes
New Adventures of Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford (1931) ... Wallingford
Just a Gigolo (1931) ... Lord Robert Brummel
The Stolen Jools (Short)  ... Bill Haines
Tailor Made Man (1931) ... John Paul Bart
Remote Control (1930) ... William Judd Brennan
Way Out West (1930) ... Windy
Free and Easy (1930) ... William Haines - Guest at Premiere
The Girl Said No (1930) ... Tom Ward

Navy Blues (1929) ... Kelly
Speedway (1929) ... Bill Whipple
A Man's Man (1929) ... Mel
The Duke Steps Out (1929) ... Duke
Alias Jimmy Valentine (1928) Jimmy Valentine
Show People (1928) ... Billy Boone
Excess Baggage (1928) ... Eddie Kane
Telling the World (1928) ... Don Davis
The Smart Set (1928) ... Tommy
West Point (1927) ... Brice Wayne
Spring Fever (1927) ... Jack Kelly
Slide, Kelly, Slide (1927) ... Jim Kelly
A Little Journey (1927) ... George Manning
Tell It to the Marines (1926) ... Private 'Skeet' Burns
Lovey Mary (1926) ... Billy Wiggs
Brown of Harvard (1926) ... Tom Brown
Memory Lane (1926) ... Joe Field
The Thrill Hunter (1926) ... Peter J. Smith
Mike (1926) ... Harlan
Sally, Irene and Mary (1925) ... Jimmy Dungan
Little Annie Rooney (1925) ... Joe Kelley
The Tower of Lies (1925) ... August
Fighting the Flames (1925) ... Horatio Manly Jr
A Slave of Fashion (1925) ... Dick Wayne
The Denial (1925) ... Lover in Flashback
Who Cares (1925) ... Martin
A Fool and His Money (1925) ... John Smart
The Wife of the Centaur (1924) ... Edward Converse
So This Is Marriage? (1924)
Circe the Enchantress (1924) ... William Craig
Wine of Youth (1924) ... Hal Martin
The Gaiety Girl (1924) ... Owen Tudor St. John
The Midnight Express (1924) ... Jack Oakes
True As Steel (1924) ... Gilbert Morse
Three Weeks (1924) ... Curate
Three Wise Fools (1923) ... Gordon Schuyler
Souls for Sale (1923) ... Pinkey
Lost and Found on a South Sea Island (1923) ... Extra
Brothers Under the Skin (1922) ... Bit Part (uncredited)

~Art Director~

Just a Gigolo (uncredited) (1931)

~Production Designer~

Craig's Wife (uncredited) (1936)

~Set Decorator~

Young and Beautiful (Short)


Lost and Found on a South Sea Island (stunt double: House Peters) (1923)