~White Eagle~
~Ruth Roland & Earl Metcalfe~
~Plot Synopsis~
Two factions struggle to gain and keep possession of a pool of molten gold.
Directed by:
Fred Jackman
W.S. Van Dyke

Written by: Carl Krusada

Ruth Roland ...  Ruth Randolph
Earl Metcalfe ...  Phil Stanton
Harry Girard ...  Jim Loomis
Virginia Ainsworth ...  Julia Wells
Otto Lederer ...  Gray Wolf
Bud Osborne ...  Standing Bear
Frank Lackteen ...  Crouching More
Gertrude Douglas ...  Moonlight
Louise Emmons ...  Stone Ear
Frank Valrose ...  Feather Foot
Chick Morrison ...  Bill Henley
Anita Nara
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Ruth Roland Serials (for)
Hal Roach Studios

Released by: Pathé Exchange

Producers: Hal Roach & Ruth Roland

Length: 15 Episodes - 2 Reels Each
Runtime: 20 Minutes Each
Released: January 1, 1922 - First Episode

Filmed at: Hal Roach Studios - 8822 Washington Blvd., Culver City, California, USA