~ The Whirlwind of Youth~
~639-60: Lois Moran, Vera Veronica and Donald Keith in THE WHIRLWIND OF YOUTH 1927~
~Plot Synopsis~

Lois Moran ...  Nancy Hawthorne
Vera Veronina ...  Heloise
Donald Keith ...  Bob Whittaker
Alyce Mills ...  Cornelia Evans
Larry Kent ...  Lloyd Evans
Gareth Hughes ...  Curley
Charles Lane ...  Jim Hawthorne
Directed by: Rowland V. Lee

Written by: Julien Josephson
Whirlwind of Youth was taken (as far as possible, apparently) from Soundings, a novel by Hamilton
Gibbs. Impulsive 18-year-old Nancy Hawthorne (Lois Moran) falls hard for Bob Whittaker (Donald
Keith), a rakish "love 'em and leave 'em" type. At first refusing to take Nancy seriously, Whittaker
changes his mind when he realizes that he, too, has fallen truly in love. The film was designed to show
off Paramount's latest crop of young contractees, including Larry Kent, Gareth Hughes and Alyce Mills.
Incidentally, leading lady Lois Moran was reportedly the inspiration for Daisy Buchanan in F. Scott
Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation

Associate Producer: B.P. Schulberg        
Cinematography by: G.O. Post
Presented by: Jesse L. Lasky & Adolph Zukor

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: April 30, 1927