~When the Heart Calls~
~Plot Synopsis~
Dick Lee, while hunting, meets James Gordon, an old rancher, who invites him to his cabin. Here he meets
the rancher's daughter Mary. They soon become fast friends, and the girl's heart is almost broken when, at
the end of the boy's holidays, he is to return to the city. Mary makes him promise to write. Back in the city,
Dick tries to forget the country girl, and, as he is engaged to Lillian West, life is very gay indeed. Somehow,
he cannot forget the little girl back on the ranch. The promised letter, however, has never written. Mary
looks every day for the letter that does not come, and her father is very sad to see her pine away. At last
he cannot stand it longer, and makes up his mind to go to the city and hunt Dick up. In the meantime Dick
has grown tired of the gay life, and thinks more and more of Mary. One night in a café, he and Lillian have
words; they leave the gay party, return home, have a quarrel, and part. The next day Dick receives a letter
from her with their engagement ring enclosed; he is filled with joy, realizing that he is free to return to the
girl he had left behind. He hurries home, dresses and leaves the city. The old rancher arrives at his home
soon after, and learns that Dick has left town. Slowly the old man turns and makes his way back to the
station. Arriving home, he is about to enter the house, when hearing laughter, he turns and walking over
to the window he looks in and is overjoyed to see Dick placing an engagement ring on Mary's hand.

- Written by Moving Picture World synopsis
Directed by: Al Christie

Lee Moran ...  Dick Lee, the City Chap
Russell Bassett ...  James Gordon, the Ranchman
Louise Glaum ...  Mary Gordon, the Ranchman's Daughter
Victoria Forde ...  Lillian West, the Ranchman's Fiancee
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Nestor Film Company

Distributed by: Universal Film Manufacturing Company

Produced by: David Horsley

Length: 1 Reel
Runtime: 10 Minutes
Released: August 19, 1912
~Lee Moran & Louise Glaum~
~Louise Glaum~