~When the Desert Calls~
~Violet Heming~
~Violet Heming~
~J. Barney Sherry & Violet Heming~
~Huntley Gordon & Violet Heming~
~Plot Synopsis~
Bank cashier Eldred Caldwell and his wife, Louise, happily live on the edge of the desert until Richard
Manners reappears. He discredits Caldwell, who apparently commits suicide, and pursues Louise
into the desert. Manners dies, but Louise finds shelter with a sheik's widow. Years pass, and the end
of the World War sees England in search of Sheik El-Din (in reality, Eldred Caldwell) to reward him
for his bravery. He faints on receiving the decoration, and while recuperating he recognizes a nurse as
Louise. Though about to marry a doctor, she is reunited with her husband.

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Director: Ray C. Smallwood

Written by:
Georgette Duchesne - adaptation
Peter Milne - adaptation

Based on the story by Donald McGibney.

Violet Heming ...Louise Caldwell
Robert Frazer ...Eldred Caldwell / George Stevenson
Sheldon Lewis ...Richard Manners
Huntley Gordon ...Dr. Thorpe
J. Barney Sherry ...Lieutenant Colonel Potter
David Wall ...Frank Warren, U.S. Consul
Julia Swayne Gordon ...The White Angel
Nick Thompson ...Nazim
Tammany Young ...British Tommy
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Pyramid Pictures Corporation

Distribution Company: American Releasing Co.

Cinematography by: Mike Joyce
Film Editing by: George McGuire
Assistant Director: George McGuire

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: October 8, 1922