~When The Clouds Roll By~

Douglas Fairbanks ...  Daniel Boone Brown
Kathleen Clifford ...  Lucette Bancroft
Frank Campeau ...  Mark Drake
Ralph Lewis ...  Curtis Brown
Daisy Jefferson ...  Bobby De Vere
Bull Montana ...  The Nightmare
Herbert Grimwood ...  Dr. Ulrich Metz
Albert MacQuarrie ...  Hobson
Victor Fleming ...  Himself
Thomas J. Geraghty ...  Himself (as T. J. G.)
William C. McGann ...  Himself
Harris Thorpe ...  Himself
Babe London ...  Switchboard Operator (uncredited)
~UN2-1: Douglas Fairbanks & Kathleen Clifford~
This lively silent romantic comedy was the second film made by Douglas Fairbanks Sr. for the new United
Artists company. Much of the film is a satiric broadside aimed at the then-innovational field of psychiatry.
Wealthy young bachelor Fairbanks allows a pompous head-shrinker to influence his romantic pursuit of
Greenwich Village artist Katherine Williams. There's action, athletics and laughs aplenty, topped by a
terrific climactic flood sequence. The film's highlight is Fairbanks' therapy-induced dream, a triumph of
special effects which is still capable of amazing audiences "jaded" by Spielberg and Lucas. When the
Clouds Roll By comes to a hilariously ironic conclusion when the "psychiatrist" is revealed to be an
escaped mental patient.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Victor Fleming & Theodore Reed

Written by:
Douglas Fairbanks - story
Victor Fleming
Thomas J. Geraghty - titles
Lewis Weadon - writer
~Plot Synopsis~
~Douglas Fairbanks & Cast~
~Douglas Fairbanks & Kathleen Clifford~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Douglas Fairbanks Pictures

Distributed by: United Artists

Produced by: Douglas Fairbanks
Cinematography by: William C. McGann & Harris Thorpe
Art Direction by: Edward M. Langley
Assistant Directors: Theodore Reed & Joseph Henabery
Art Title Paintings by: Henry Clive
General Manager: John Fairbanks

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 85 Minutes
Released: December 28, 1919

Filmed in:

Central Station, Fifth Street, Los Angeles, California, USA (Douglas climbs the façade of the station)