~Wagon Tracks~
~Plot Synopsis~
In this William S. Hart picture, the cowboy star plays Buckskin Hamilton, a wagon-train guide. He heads
east to the Mississippi River to meet up with his younger brother (Leo Pierson), who has just graduated
from college as an MD. But when he gets to the riverboat, his brother has been shot and killed. Jane
Washburn (Jane Novak) claims that she did it, but that it was an accident. At first Buckskin believes her,
but he soon figures out that it was her cardsharp brother Donald (Robert McKim) and that she took
responsibility to protect him. Washburn is part of a wagon train Buckskin is guiding and they are attacked
by Indians. The Indians ask that the party sacrifice one white man in return for the Indian they killed.
Buckskin offers himself up but before he goes to the Indians, he hands his gun over to Donald, insisting
that he use it on himself to pay for his crime. Washburn, of course, tries to escape instead but he is
captured by the Indians and killed. This drama did not have as much action as the usual Hart western.

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Directed by: Lambert Hillyer    

Written by: C. Gardner Sullivan - screenplay & story

William S. Hart ...  Buckskin Hamilton
Jane Novak ...  Jane Washburn
Robert McKim ...  David Washburn
Lloyd Bacon ...  Guy Merton
Leo Pierson ...  Billy Hamilton
Bert Sprotte ...  Brick Muldoon
Charles Arling ...  The Captain
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: William S. Hart Productions

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures

Produced by: William S. Hart & Thomas H. Ince
Cinematography by: Joseph H. August
Art Direction by: Thomas A. Brierley    
Art Titles: Irvin J. Martin

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 64 Minutes
Released: July 29, 1919