~Vondell Darr~

Born: April 18, 1919 in Los Angeles, California, USA
Died: September 10, 2012 (age 93) in Los Angeles, California, USA
~Vondell Darr in the arms of Wallace Beery in The Pony
, 1925~
Silent-screen child-actress "Baby" Vondell Darr played Virginia Lee Corbin as a five-year-old in The City
That Never Sleeps (1924) and was the unwanted result of Elaine Hammerstein's One Glorious Night
(1924). Later, a ten-year-old Vondell found her father Bert Lytell accused of a crime he didn't commit in
On Trial (1928), and was abducted by gangsters in Ruth Chatterton's The Dummy (1929). These latter
films were early talkies, but sound basically ended Vondell Darr's career. Following in the footsteps of
another silent child-star, Baby Marie Osborne, Darr attempted a comeback as an ingenue in the late 1930s
but was none too successful.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
~Silent Filmography~
The Blind Goddess (1926) - Movie Still Code: 914-X
The Golden Cocoon (1925) ... Little Girl
The Pony Express (1925) .... Baby
Border Vengeance (1925) .... Bumps Jackson
Desert Madness (1925)
One Glorious Night (1924) .... Mary
The City That Never Sleeps (1924) .... Baby Molly