~Virginia Pearson~

Born: March 7, 1886 in Anchorage, Kentucky, USA
Died: June 6, 1958 in Hollywood, California, USA
~Virginia Pearson under contract with Fox in
American silent-screen actress Virginia Pearson is best remembered for a role she didn't play, that of the
voracious man-eater in the 1914 Fox hit A Fool There Was. Pearson had starred in the original 1909
Broadway play, but when the screen rights were acquired by William Fox, the producer was persuaded
to cast an unknown, Theda Bara. The rest, as they say, is history. Ironically, Bara made her screen debut
as an extra in The Stain (1914), a vehicle starring Virginia Pearson. Bara's international success naturally
caused every studio to cast about for femme fatales, including Fox, who hired Pearson in the
time-honored tradition of keeping the new star, Bara, in line. The studio launched Pearson as "The
Statuesque William Fox Star" and cast her in a series of erotic melodramas -- Blazing Love (1916), Wrath
of Love (1917), and The Love Auction (1919) -- that appeared suspiciously similar to Bara rejects. Never
really a threat to Bara's femme fatale supremacy, Pearson also never allowed herself to be as closely
identified with one characterization. Consequently, whereas Bara chose retirement once the "vamp"
craze finally came to a close, Virginia Pearson and her husband, character actor Sheldon Lewis, founded
the Virginia Pearson Photoplay Company. On shaky ground financially, the company folded after only
two releases, and Pearson gave up stardom in favor of supporting roles, most notably the ill-fated prima
donna in The Phantom of the Opera. She retired from films in 1932 and returned to the stage.

Biography by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
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