~Violet Heming~

Born: January 27, 1895 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom
Died: July 4, 1981 in New York City, New York, USA
Violet Heming can trace her ancestry back to John Heming who was Shakespeare's partner and wrote
the preface to the First Folio. She came to the United States as a child and was on stage at the age of
twelve years old. Her first part was that of Wendy in "Peter Pan" in Charles Frohman's  road company.
Violet went on to created the role of Rebecca in "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm."

Violet acted in almost every arena available, she starred on Broadway in many famous plays (even for
George M. Cohan), she starred a few silent films including
Everywoman in 1919, a few sound films,
she toured the country starring in various plays, she acted on the radio and in her later years even
starred on television on two soap operas.

Violet was married to Frank Grant Mills, a stage actor that worked as Frank Morgan (not Frank
Morgan of Wizard of Oz fame) and finally settled on the stage name of Grant Mills. They were married
in Violet's home country of England in 1920. Violet and Grant divorced sometime in the 1930's (still
trying to find proof of their divorce). Violet married a second time to Judge Bennett Champ Clark of
the United States Court of Appeals. Clark was a friend of President Truman, and President Truman
was best man at their wedding.
Almost Married (1932) .... Anita Mellikovna
The Man Who Played God (1932) .... Mildred Miller

The Knife (1929) .... The Surgeon's Wife
When the Desert Calls (1922) .... Louise Caldwell
The Cost (1920) .... Pauline Gardner

Everywoman (1919) .... Everywoman
Winning His Wife (1919)
The Common Cause (1919) .... Britannia (prologue)
The Turn of the Wheel (1918) .... Bertha Grey
The Judgement House (1917) .... Jasmine Grenfel
Danger Trail (1917) .... Meleese Thoreau
The Running Fight (1915) .... Leslie Wilkinson
The Silent Witness (1912)
Paul and Virginia (1910) .... Virginia
Lena Rivers (1910)
The Mermaid (1910/I) .... Ethel, the Mermaid
Tempest and Sunshine (1910)
The Woman Hater (1910/II) .... Lou Bennett, the Girl who Tames the Woman Hater