~Victor Sjöström~

Born: September 20, 1879 in Silbodal, Värmlands län, Sweden
Died: January 3, 1960 in Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
~MGM Promotional Photograph of Victor Sjöström
and his family~
Often referred to as "The Father of Swedish Cinema," Victor Sjostrom lived in Brooklyn from ages one
through seven. Sjostrom's father, a Swedish lumberman fallen on hard times, had moved to the U.S. in
1880 in hopes of starting life anew. Though the Sjostrom family prospered in Brooklyn, young Victor
could not adjust to his father's newfound religious fanaticism; when his mother died in 1887, the boy
arranged to return to Sweden alone. In 1896, Sjostrom joined the Ernest Ahlbom stock company, touring
Sweden and Finland as an actor and director. He formed his own troupe in 1911, attempting to stir up
business by combining live shows with motion pictures. Though this primitive multimedia attempt was a
failure, it was enough to whet Sjostrom's appetite so far as filmmaking was concerned. In 1912, he
became an actor/director for the Svenska Biograf studios in Stockholm. After appearing in The Black
Masks and Vampyren (both 1912) under the direction of his close friend Mauritz Stiller, Sjostrom was
given his own chance to direct a minor comedy titled The Gardener (1912). Though his reputation had
been firmly established in Europe and Scandinavia as early as 1913 (in his review of Sjostrom's 1918 film
The Outlaw and His Wife, French critic Louis Delluc rhapsodized "Here without doubt is the most
beautiful film in the world"), he would have to wait until the 1921 release of his mystical Thy Soul Shall
Bear Witness (aka The Phantom Chariot) before American critics acknowledged his existence. Travelling
to Hollywood in 1923 at the invitation of movie mogul Louis B. Mayer, Sjostrom was signed by the newly
formed Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer corporation. His last name Americanized to Seastrom, the director turned
out such praiseworthy MGM efforts as Lon Chaney's He Who Gets Slapped (1924) and The Tower of Lies
(1925), Lillian Gish's The Scarlet Letter (1926) and The Wind (1928), and Greta Garbo's The Divine
Woman (1928). He temporarily returned to Sweden in 1928 to visit his now-dying friend Mauritz Stiller,
then came home to stay in 1930. He directed only three films in the 1930s, two in Sweden and one
(1937's Under the Red Robe) in England. From 1943 through 1949, Stiller served as artistic director of
Svensk Filmindustri. Victor Sjostrom spent the last decade of his life as an actor, most memorably as the
aged Professor in Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries (1957).

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Under the Red Robe (as Victor Seastrom) (1931)
Father and Son (1931)
Väter und Söhne (1930)
Die Sehnsucht jeder Frau (1930)
A Lady to Love (as Victor Seastrom) (1930)

The Wind (1928) (as Victor Seastrom)
The Masks of the Devil (1928) (as Victor Seastrom)
... aka The Masks of Satan
The Divine Woman (1928) (as Victor Seastrom)
The Scarlet Letter (1926) (as Victor Seastrom)
The Tower of Lies (1925) (as Victor Seastrom)
Confessions of a Queen (1925)
He Who Gets Slapped (1924) (as Victor Seastrom)
Name the Man (1924) (as Victor Seastrom)
Eld ombord (1923)
... aka Fire on Board
... aka Jealousy (UK)
... aka The Hell Ship (USA)
Det omringade huset (1922)
... aka The House Surrounded (USA)
... aka The Surrounded House
Vem dömer (1922)
... aka Love's Crucible
... aka Mortal Clay
Körkarlen (1921)
... aka The Phantom Carriage
... aka The Phantom Chariot
... aka The Stroke of Midnight
... aka Thy Soul Shall Bear Witness
Mästerman (1920)
... aka A Lover in Pawn (UK)
Karin Ingmarsdotter (1920)
... aka God's Way
... aka Karin Daughter of Ingmar
Klostret i Sendomir (1920)
... aka Secret of the Monastery (UK)
... aka The Monastery of Sendomir

Hans nåds testamente (1919)
... aka His Grace's Last Testament (UK)
... aka His Grace's Will
... aka His Lordship's Last Will
Ingmarssönerna (1919)
... aka Dawn of Love
... aka Sons of Ingmar
Berg-Ejvind och hans hustru (1918)
... aka Eyvind of the Hills (UK)
... aka Love: The Only Law (UK)
... aka The Outlaw and His Wife
... aka You and I (USA)
Tösen från Stormyrtorpet (1917)
... aka Girl from Stormy Croft (USA)
... aka The Girl from the Marsh Croft
... aka The Lass from the Stormy Croft (International: English title: new title)
... aka The Woman He Chose (UK)
Terje Vigen (1917)
... aka A Man There Was
Therèse (1916)
Dödskyssen (1916)
... aka Kiss of Death
Hon segrade (1916)
... aka She Triumphs
Havsgamar (1916)
... aka Predators of the Sea
... aka The Sea Vultures (USA)
Skepp som mötas (1916)
... aka The Ships That Meet
Judaspengar (1915)
... aka The Price of Betrayal
I prövningens stund (1915)
... aka In the Hour of Trial
Skomakare, bliv vid din läst (1915)
... aka Stick to Your Last, Shoemaker
Landshövdingens döttrar (1915)
... aka The Governor's Daughters (USA)
Det var i maj (1915)
Sonad skuld (1915)
... aka Guilt Redeemed
En av de många (1915)
... aka One of the Many
Hjärtan som mötas (1914)
... aka Hearts That Meet
Högfjällets dotter (1914)
... aka Daughter of the Peaks
Gatans barn (1914)
... aka Children of the Streets
Bra flicka reder sig själv (1914)
... aka A Good Girl Keeps Herself in Good Order
Strejken (1914)
... aka The Strike
Dömen icke (1914)
... aka Judge Not
Prästen (1914)
... aka Saints and Sorrows (USA)
... aka Saints and Their Sorrows
... aka The Clergyman
... aka The Parson
Kärlek starkare än hat eller skogsdotterns hemlighet (1914)
... aka The Poacher
Miraklet (1913)
... aka The Miracle
... aka Within the Gates
Halvblod (1913)
... aka Half Breed (USA)
Ingeborg Holm (1913)
... aka Margaret Day
Livets konflikter (1913)
... aka The Conflicts of Life
Blodets röst (1913)
... aka The Voice of Passion
Lady Marions sommarflirt (1913)
... aka Lady Marion's Summer Flirtation
Löjen och tårar (1913)
... aka Laughter and Tears
Äktenskapsbyrån (1913)
... aka Marriage Bureau
Trädgårdsmästaren (1912)
... aka The Broken Springrose
... aka The Gardener
Ett hemligt giftermål (1912)
... aka A Ruined Life (USA)
... aka A Secret Marriage


Wild Strawberries (1957) ... Dr. Eberhard Isak Borg
Männen i mörker (1955) ... Gustaf Landberg
Kärlek (1952) ... Bishop
Hård klang (1952) ... Klaus Willenhart
Kvartetten som sprängdes (1950) ... Gustaf Borg
To Joy (1950) ... Sönderby

Farlig vår (1949) ... P. Bladh, antiques dealer
I Am with You (1948) ... Vicar
Railroad Workers (1947) ... Stora Ballong
Kejsarn av Portugallien (1944) ... Jan i Skrolycka
Ordet (1943) ... Knut Borg Sr.
There Burns a Fire (1943) ... Henrik Falkman
Striden går vidare (1941) ... Andreas Berg

Mot nya tider (1939) ... Hjalmar Branting
Gubben kommer (1939) ... Carl-Henrik de Grévy, 'Gubben'
The Great John Ericsson (1937) ... John Ericsson
Walpurgis Night (1935) ... Frederik Bergström, Editor
The Girl of Solbakken (1934) ... Sämund - Sæmund
Father and Son (1931) ... Markurell
Brokiga blad (1931) ...Sjöström, director (uncredited)

The Hell Ship (1923) ... Dick
The House Surrounded (1922) ... Captain Davies
The Phantom Carriage (1921) ... David Holm
A Lover in Pawn (1920) ... Sammel Eneman
Karin Ingmarsdotter (1920) ... Ingmar

Ingmarssönerna (1919) ... Lill Ingmar Ingmarsson
Thomas Graal's Best Child (1918) ... Thomas Graal
The Outlaw and His Wife (1918) ... Berg-Ejvind
Thomas Graals bästa film (1917) ... Thomas Graal
A Man There Was (1917) ... Terje Vigen
Dödskyssen (1916) ... Òveringenjör Weyler / Ingenjör Lebel
Hon segrade (1916) ... Arthur Born
I prövningens stund (Short) (1915) ... Sven Nilsson
Högfjällets dotter (1914) ... Doctor Karl Werner
Strejken (1914) ... Karl Bernsson / Gustav Bernsson
För sin kärleks skull (1914) ... Borgen
Livets konflikter (1913) ... Otto Berner
Blodets röst (1913) ... Daniel Barkner
När kärleken dödar (1913) ... Oscar Falck
Vampyren (Short) (1913) ... Lt. Roberts
Barnet (Short) (1913) ... Georg Mills
The Springtime of Life (1912) ... Cyril Alm
Saved in Mid-Air (1912) ... Lieutenant von Mühlen
Trädgårdsmästaren (1912) ... The Gardener


He Who Gets Slapped (adapted for the screen by - as Victor Seastrom) (1924)
The Hell Ship (writer) (1923)
The House Surrounded (1922)
Vem dömer (1922)
The Phantom Carriage (1921)
Karin Ingmarsdotter (1920)
Secret of the Monastery (1920)

His Grace's Last Testament (writer) (1919)
Ingmarssönerna (writer) (1919)
The Outlaw and His Wife (writer) (1918)
Girl from Stormy Croft (1917)
A Man There Was (uncredited) (1917)
Dödskyssen (book) (1916)
Hon segrade (1916)
Skomakare, bliv vid din läst (1915)
The Governor's Daughters (1915)
Det var i maj (1915)
Sonad skuld (1915)
En av de många (1915)
Bra flicka reder sig själv (1914)
Strejken (1914)
Ingeborg Holm (uncredited) (1913)
Blodets röst (writer) (1913)
Äktenskapsbyrån (writer) (1913)
A Ruined Life (1913)


Crisis (producer) (1946)
Torment (producer) (1944)

Die Sehnsucht jeder Frau (producer) (1930)
A Lady to Love (producer - as Victor Seastrom) (1930)

The Scarlet Letter (producer - uncredited) (1926)
He Who Gets Slapped (producer - as Victor Seastrom) (1924)

~Art Department~

Railroad Workers (artistic advisor) (1947)
Woman Without a Face (artistic consultant) (1947)
Poor Little Sven (artistic advisor) (1947)
Galgmannen (artistic advisor - uncredited) (1945)
Mans kvinna (artistic advisor) (1945)


Father and Son (uncredited) (1931)

~Production Manager~

Only a Mother (production manager) (1949)