~Vera Gordon~

Born: June 11, 1886 in Edkerternoslav, Russia
Died: May 8, 1948 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
Russia-born actress Vera Nemirou got her start on stage as a child. In 1904 she and her family emigrated
to New York where she began working in Yiddish theater, and from there she began working in British
and U.S. vaudeville. Nemirou started her film career in 1920 when she played a variety of character
roles. She was frequently cast as Jewish mothers up through 1946.

Biography by Sandra Brennan, AllMovie.com
The Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic City (1929) .... Mrs. Cohen
Four Walls (1928) .... Benny's Mother
The Cohens and the Kellys in Paris (1928) .... Mrs. Cohen
An Affair of the Follies (1927) ... Movie Still Code: 71-X
Private Izzy Murphy (1926) .... Sara Goldberg
Millionaires (1926) .... Esther Rubens
Kosher Kitty Kelly (1926) .... Mrs. Feinbaum
Sweet Daddies (1926) .... Rose Finklebaum
The Cohens and Kellys (1926) .... Mrs. Cohen
... aka The Cohens & Kellys (USA: poster title)
In Hollywood with Potash and Perlmutter (1924) .... Rosie Potash
... aka So This Is Hollywood (UK)
Potash and Perlmutter (1923) .... Rosie Potash
... aka Dr. Sunshine (UK)
The Good Provider (1922) .... Becky Binswanger
Your Best Friend (1922) .... Mrs. Esther Meyers
The Greatest Love (1920) .... Mrs. Lantini
The North Wind's Malice (1920) .... Rachel Guth
Humoresque (1920) .... Mama Kantor