~Upstairs and Down~
~Plot Synopsis~
This silent feature, based on a play by Frederic and Fanny Hatton, gives an idea of what people considered
"the high life" when the 1920s were about to dawn. Described as a "Baby Vamp" by the social set, Alice
Chesterton (Olive Thomas), engaged to boring Tom Carey (David Butler), flirts with many of the male
guests idling at the Ives' Long Island house party. After she encourages Terence O'Keefe (Robert Ellis), a
playboy polo player from Ireland in New York to purchase horses for the British army, to rendezvous with
her in the city, they are seen together at the "Midnight Frolic." Because of this, Mrs. Ives convinces Alice's
newly-arrived sister Betty (Rosemary Theby) to look after Alice. Betty arranges for Terence to find her in
an auto wreck where he revives her with a kiss. Genuinely in love with each other, they plan to marry,
until the jealous Alice tells Betty that Terence "ruined" her. When Betty accuses Terence, he makes Alice
confess her to her lies. Tom, encouraged by Terence's advice, overwhelms Alice with his "caveman"
tactics. At the end, the servants, who have observed the upstairs activities, emulate their masters' flirting

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Directed by: Charles Giblyn    

Written by: Lillian Ducey - scenario

Based on the play Upstairs and Down by Frederic Hatton, Fanny Hatton
(New York, 25 Sep 1916).

Olive Thomas ...  Alice Chesterton
Rosemary Theby ...  Betty Chesterton
Mary Charleson ...  Rosalie
David Butler ...  Tom Carey
Robert Ellis ...  Terrence O'Keefe
Andrew Robson ...  Sprang
Bertram Grassby
Kathleen Kirkham
Donald MacDonald
Harold Miller
Ernest Pasque
Mildred Reardon
Miss Travers
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Selznick Pictures Corporation

Produced by: Myron Selznick  
Cinematography by: Lewis W. Physioc    
Presenter: Myron Selznick

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: June 8, 1919