~Universal Ike Junior at the Dance of Little L.O.~
~733-4: Anna Little (woman at far left), Louise Glaum pointing, Eva Thatcher with Flour Skirt, Trumpet
Player is Bert Roach, and The Trombone Player is little Gus Alexander~

Many thanks to Jack Theakston & Steve Masa for the ID of this photograph.
~Plot Synopsis~
~Plot Synopsis for UNIVERSAL IKE JUNIOR AND THE DANCE OF LITTLE L.O. is coming soon!~

Bobby Ray ...Ike Jr. (as Bobby Fuehrer)
Louise Glaum
Fred Hornby
Eva Thatcher
Bert Roach
Gus Alexander
Anna Little
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Universal Film Manufacturing Company

Length: 1 Reel
Runtime: 10 Minutes
Released: August 15, 1914