~Two Flaming Youths~
~Plot Synopsis~
Although the silent W.C. Fields vehicle Two Flaming Youths no longer exists, a surviving script (titled Side
Show) offers a tantalizing peek at this long-lost effort. Fields is cast as Gabby Gilfoil, owner of "Gilfoil's
Nonpareil Circus," a dog-and-pony operation that must forever stay one step ahead of sheriffs and
creditors. Fleeing across the border to Arkosa county, Gabby and his entourage stop over at the Mansion
House, a near-bankrupt hotel run by Madge Marlarkey (Cissie Fitzgerald). To avoid paying his bill, Gabby
pays court to Madge, only to find a formidable rival in Sheriff Ben Holden (Chester Conklin). Meanwhile,
Gabby's daughter Mary (Mary Brian) is romanced by Holden's young cousin Tony (Jack Luden). Mary
decides to settle down in Arkosa with Tony, prompting Gabby to pop the question to Madge -- but she has
announced that she will marry the man who is able to pay her mortgage. Gabby and Holden spend the
rest of the picture trying to raise the necessary funds to wed Madge, an effort complicated when Gabby is
mistaken for a desperate criminal. A collection of themes and comic notions that would later be refined in
such Fields talkies as The Old Fashioned Way and You Can't Cheat an Honest Man, Two Flaming Youths
would be worth seeing again if only to watch the glittering parade of "guest stars," all of them vaudeville,
Broadway and Hollywood headliners: Clark and McCullough, Moran and Mack, Kolb and Dill, Savoy and
Brennan, Benny and McNulty, Phil Baker and Sid Silvers, Wallace Beery and Raymond Hatton, Jack Pearl
and Ben Bard, and The Duncan Sisters.

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Directed by: John Waters

Written by:
John W. Conway - titles
Donald Davis - writer
Percy Heath - screenplay & story
Grover Jones - uncredited
Julien Josephson - uncredited
Herman J. Mankiewicz - titles
Norman Z. McLeod - uncredited
Eddie Moran - uncredited
Gilbert Pratt - uncredited

W.C. Fields ...  Gabby Gilfoil
Chester Conklin ...  Sheriff Ben Holden
Mary Brian ...  Mary Gilfoil
Jack Luden ...  Tony Holden
George Irving ...  Simeon Trott
Cissy Fitzgerald ...  Madge Malarkey
James Quinn ...  Slippery Sawtelle (as Jimmy Quinn)
Ben Bard ...  Himself (as Pearl and Bard)
Jay Brennan ...  Himself (as Savoy and Brennan)
Bobby Clark ...  Himself (as Clark & McCullough)
Max Dill ...  Himself (as Kolb and Dill)
Vivian Duncan ...  Herself (as The Duncan Sisters)
Lew Fields ...  Himself (as Weber and Fields)
Clarence Kolb ...  Himself (as Kolb and Dill) (as C. William Kolb)
Charles Mack ...  Himself (as Moran and Mack)
Anna Magruder ...  The Fat Lady
Paul McCullough ...  Himself (as Clark & McCullough)
George Moran ...  Himself (as Moran and Mack)
Chester Morton ...  The Human Pin Cushion
Lee W. Parker ...  The Tattooed Man
Jack Pearl ...  Himself (as Pearl and Bard)
Billy Platt ...  The Dwarf (as William Platt)
Stanley Rogers ...  Savoy (as Savoy & Brennan) (as Savoy)
John Seresheff ...  The Strong Man
Joe Weber ...  Himself (as Weber and Fields)
John Aasen ...  The Giant (uncredited)
Pearl and Bard ...  Themselves (uncredited)
Wallace Beery ...  Himself - Beery & Hatton (uncredited)
Savoy and Brennan ...  Themselves (uncredited)
Rosetta Duncan ...  The Duncan Sisters (uncredited)
Raymond Hatton ...  Himself (as Beery and Hatton) (uncredited)
Benny and McNulty ...  Themselves (uncredited)
Baker and Silvers ...  Baker and Silvers (uncredited)
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~Chester Conklin~
~Unknown child actor & Chester Conklin~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation

Released by: Paramount Pictures

Executive Producer: Jesse L. Lasky
Executive Producer: Adolph Zukor
Producer: John Waters  
Cinematography by: H. Kinley Martin    
Film Editing by: Rose Loewinger   (uncredited)  
Stunts: John Sinclair (uncredited)  
Supervisor: Louis D. Lighton

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 55 Minutes
Released: December 17, 1927
~W. C. Fields~