~Two-Fisted Jones~
~Jack Hoxie & Kathryn McGuire~
~Plot Synopsis~
Jack Hoxie's final Western for 1925 featured Universal's second most popular cowboy hero (after Hoot
Gibson) chasing a wanted man. The trail leads to Kathryn McGuire's ranch, which is about to be taken
over by greedy banker Harry Todd. In one of those coincidences found only in cheap movie-making, the
banker turns out to be the same man Hoxie had been chasing all along. Better known as a comic, the
veteran Todd was surprisingly cast against type in this film. Leading lady Kathryn McGuire, a 1922
WAMPAS Baby Star, later married Mary Pickford's publicist, George Landy. Today, the blond starlet is
best remembered as Buster Keaton's girl in both The Navigator (1924) and Sherlock, Jr.. She left films at
the advent of sound.

Plot Synopsis by Hans J. Wollstein, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Edward Sedgwick

Written by: Scott Darling

Based on the story by Sarah Saddoris.

Jack Hoxie ...  Jack Wilbur
Kathryn McGuire ...  Mary Mortimer
William Steele ...  Hank Gage
Harry Todd ...  Bart Wilson
Frank Rice ...  Old Bill
Paul Grimes ...  Traitor
William Welsh ...  Henry Mortimer
Frederick Cole ...  Paul Jones
Byron Douglas ...  John Wilbur, Sr.
Edward Burns ...  Sheriff (as Ed Burns)
Artie Ortego ...  Buck Oxford (as Art Ortega)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Blue Streak Western

Distribution Company: Universal Pictures

Cinematography by: Harry Neumann

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: December 6, 1925