~Ricardo Cortez & Greta Garbo~

Ricardo Cortez ...  Don Rafael Brull
Greta Garbo ...  Leonora Moreno, aka La Brunna
Gertrude Olmstead ...  Remedios Matías
Edward Connelly ...  Pedro Moreno
Lucien Littlefield ...  Cupido, the Barber
Martha Mattox ...  Doña Bernarda Brull
Lucy Beaumont ...  Doña Pepa Moreno
Tully Marshall ...  Don Andrés, a Lawyer
Mack Swain ...  Don Matías
Arthur Edmund Carewe ...  Salvatti (as Arthur Edmund Carew)
Lillian Leighton ...  Isabella, La Brunna's Maid
Mario Carillo ...  King of Spain (uncredited)
André Cheron ...  Man in Audience (uncredited)
Jocko the Monkey ...  Jocko (uncredited)
Dorothy Sebastian ...  Woman in Audience (uncredited)
Directed by: Monta Bell - uncredited

Written by:
Dorothy Farnum - adaptation
Katherine Hilliker - titles  
H.H. Caldwell - titles

Based on the novel Entre Naranjos by Vicente Blasco-Ibáñez (Valencia).
Don Rafael Brull, the son of landed Spanish aristocrats, falls in love with Leonora, the daughter of one of
his family's tenants. Doña Bernada, who is ambitious for her son, breaks up the romance by dispossessing
Leonora's family. Leonora goes to Paris, where she becomes an opera singer; Rafael stays at home and
runs for public office, becoming engaged to Remedios. Leonora returns home for a visit, and Rafael saves
her life during a flash flood. Their passion reawakens, but Doña Bernada persuades Rafael to renounce
his love. Years pass. Rafael and Leonora meet only once again, each having made his own life: Leonora is
a world-famous opera singer, and Rafael is prominent in public office.  
~Plot Synopsis~
~254-81: Gretta Garbo~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies:
Cosmopolitan Productions for
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) - controlled by Loew's Incorporated

Distribution Company:
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) - controlled by Loew's Incorporated

Producer: Monta Bell
Producer: Irving Thalberg
Cinematography by: William H. Daniels
Film Editing by: Frank Sullivan
Set Decoration by: Cedric Gibbons & Merrill Pye
Stunts: Joel McCrea
Still Photographer: Buddy Longworth
Still Photographer - Publicity Stills: Ruth Harriet Louise
Still Photographer: Fred Morgan
Wardrobe: Kathleen Kay, Maude Marsh & Max Rée

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 87 Minutes
Released: February 8, 1926