~Tools of Providence~
aka Every Inch a Man
~Plot Synopsis~
Dakota Dan, who runs the saloon and gambling hall, is refusing to take another drink with the boys, who
commence to kid him, saying he's been scared to drink ever since he heard the new parson's daughter
was going to convert him. Dakota flushes and replies half angrily that he has never seen the parson's girl
and don't ever want to. However that afternoon Daisy goes to the saloon and invites Dakota to attend
church. Dakota refuses her invitation. Daisy tells him she will make a bargain with him to tend his bar for
five minutes if he will go to church the next day. Dakota is slightly startled, but he admires her grit and
accepts the challenge. Daisy goes behind the bar. The men line up and she is about to serve a fresh guy
when he suddenly reaches over and kisses her. Dakota immediately knocks him "cold," and, ashamed of
his bargain with Daisy, grimly escorts her to the door. The next day he tells the men that if they don't
accompany him to church he will close. They reluctantly consent to go with him. Daisy's father is very
much pleased to see the harvest he is reaping, and after the service invites Dakota to take dinner with
them. Dakota and Daisy soon learn to love each other and Daisy promises to marry him if he will close his
saloon and try to control his temper. He promises. The following day "Ace" Farrell, an eastern gambler,
favors the village with his presence and on seeing Daisy inquires who she is. The villagers tell him her
history. "Ace" goes to the saloon and there makes insulting remarks about Daisy. Dakota deals him a
stinging slap across the face. "Ace" is right back at him and a fierce scrap commences. Dakota throws
"Ace" out of the door and "Ace" draws his gun and shoots. Dakota fires two shots and hits "Ace" in the
arm near the shoulder. He crumples up on the sidewalk. Daisy comes along and, without giving Dakota a
chance to explain, helps "Ace" to his feet and takes him to her father's house, where she nurses him back
to health. Dakota determines to leave the country. He is riding away when he sees "Ace" and Daisy, who
have been gathering flowers for the church. They go into the church. Dakota hears Daisy scream and
follows them in. "Ace" attempts to kiss Daisy and she runs up to the bell loft. Dakota shoots "Ace" and he
and Daisy make up their quarrel.

—Moving Picture World synopsis
Directed by: William S. Hart

Written by:
Thomas H. Ince - story
C. Gardner Sullivan - scenario

William S. Hart ...  Steve Blake
Rhea Mitchell ...  Daisy Austin
Frank Borzage ...  Andy Turner
Walt Whitman ...  Reverend Austin
Edgar Kennedy ...  Undetermined Role - unconfirmed & uncredited
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Broncho Film Company

Distribution Company: Mutual Film

Length: 2 Reels
Runtime: 20 Minutes
Released: July 9, 1915