~Tol'able David~
~Plot Synopsis~
Allen Kinemon (Warner Richmond), driver of the stagecoach carrying the U. S. mail in the Virginia
mountains, is the hero of his young romantic brother, David (Richard Barthelmess), who dreams of
emulating him. Into their quiet community come the three Hatburns, fugitives from justice, who
impose themselves upon the unwilling hospitality of Esther Hatburn's grandfather. When Allen sees
the Hatburns attack his brother's dog, he warns them that he will avenge it, and Iscah Hatburn
(Walter P. Lewis) strikes him with a large rock that cripples him for life. David's father suffers a fatal
stroke, and the boy is forced to accept the duties of heading the household; because of his mother's
fear, he foregoes revenge for his brother and is branded a coward by the villagers. Forced by
circumstances to deliver the mail, David encounters Hatburn, whom he engages in an unequal fight,
but David proves to be a worthy successor to his brother and wins the heart of Esther (Gladys

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Directed by: Henry King

Written by:
Edmund Goulding
Henry King

Based on the short story "Tol'able David" by Joseph Hergesheimer in his
The Happy Life (New York, 1919).

Richard Barthelmess ...David Kinemon
Gladys Hulette ...Esther Hatburn
Walter P. Lewis ...Iscah Hatburn
Ernest Torrence ...Luke Hatburn
Ralph Yearsley ...Saul 'Little Buzzard' Hatburn
Forrest Robinson ...Grandpa Hatburn
Laurence Eddinger ...Sen. John Gault
Edmund Gurney ...Hunter Kinemon
Warner Richmond ...Allen Kinemon
Marion Abbott ...Mother Kinemon
Patterson Dial ...Rose Kinemon
Henry Hallam ...The doctor
Lassie ...Herself (a dog)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Inspiration Pictures

Distribution Company: First National Pictures

Producer: Henry King
Cinematography by: Henry Cronjager
Film Editing by: W. Duncan Mansfield

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 99 Minutes
Released: December 31, 1921