~Three Wise Fools~
~William H. Crane, Claude Gillingwater & Alec B. Francis~

Claude Gillingwater ...  Theodore Findley
Eleanor Boardman ...  Rena Fairchild / Sydney Fairfield
William H. Crane ...  Hon. James Trumbull
Alec B. Francis ...  Dr. Richard Gaunt
John St. Polis ...  John Crawshay (as John Sainpolis)
Brinsley Shaw ...  Benny, the Duck
Fred Esmelton ...  Gray
William Haines ...  Gordon Schuyler
Lucien Littlefield ...  Douglas
Zasu Pitts ...  Mickey
Martha Mattox ...  Saunders
Fred J. Butler ...  Poole
Charles Hickman ...  Clancy
Craig Biddle Jr. ...  Young Findley
Creighton Hale ...  Young Trumbull
Raymond Hatton ...  Young Gaunt
Eleanor Boardman and William Haines came to Hollywood when they were winners in the same contest
held by the Goldwyn studios. While Boardman's star rose faster than Haines' (with Brown of Harvard, he
would eventually catch up), they appeared together in this comedy-drama adapted from the play by Austin
Strong. Claude Gillingwater, who played Findley on Broadway, reprises his role. Three men -- Findley
(Craig Biddle Jr.), James Trumbull (Creighton Hale), and Gaunt (Raymond Hatton) -- are all in love with the
same woman. Although none of them win her, the men remain lifelong pals. As old bachelors (Findley is
played by Gillingwater, William H. Crane is Trumbull, and Gaunt is Alec B. Francis), they're surprised when
Sydney Fairchild (Boardman) shows up. Sydney is the grown daughter of the girl they lost, and her mother
has willed her to the three men. She brings light into their lives until a con who knows her father tries to
kill Trumbull, a judge. Findley's nephew, Gordon Schuyler (Haines), helps her untangle the mess, and weds
her in the bargain. Eventually, a real-life wedding would happen as a result of the film -- director King
Vidor met Boardman while casting the picture, and they married in 1926.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
Directed by: King Vidor

Written by:
June Mathis - writer
John McDermott - adaptation
James O'Hanlon - adaptation
King Vidor - writer

Based on the play by Winchell Smith and Austin Strong.
~Plot Synopsis~
~William H. Crane, Claude Gillingwater & Alec B. Francis~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Goldwyn Pictures Corporation

Distribution Company: Goldwyn Distributing Corporation

Cinematography by: Charles Van Enger
Costume Design by: Sophie Wachner
Second Unit DP: Paul Ivano
Script Supervisor: Albert Lewin

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: August 19, 1923

Filmed on location in:
Los Angeles, California, USA