~Three Weeks~
~Conrad Nagel & Aileen Pringle~

Aileen Pringle ...  The Queen
Conrad Nagel ...  Paul Verdayne
John St. Polis ...  The King (as John Sainpolis)
H. Reeves-Smith ...  Sir Charles Verdayne (as H. Reeves Smith)
Stuart Holmes ...  Petrovich
Mitchell Lewis ...  Vassili
Robert Cain ...  Verchoff
Nigel De Brulier ...  Dimitri
Claire de Lorez ...  Mitze
Dale Fuller ...  Anna
Helen Dunbar ...  Lady Henrietta Verdayne
Alan Crosland Jr. ...  Young King of Sardalia
Joan Standing ...  Isabella
William Haines ...  Curate
George Tustain ...  Captain of the Guards
Dane Rudhyar ...  Peter
Malcolm Sebastian ...  Baby (uncredited)
Tom Tyler ...  Extra (uncredited)
Directed by: Alan Crosland

Written by:
Elinor Glyn - novel & screenplay
Carey Wilson - adaptation
Aileen Pringle plays the Queen of Sardalia (one of your average, everyday mythical European
principalities), who is unhappily married to the brutish King Constantine II (John Sainpolis). She takes a
break from her duties to vacation in Switzerland, where she meets Englishman Paul Verdayne (Conrad
Nagel). They become passionately infatuated with each other and wind up making love over a period of
three weeks -- on a tiger skin, a bed of roses and where ever else they can manage. The Queen heads for
Venice and Verdayne follows, but the King's emissaries try to do away with him. The Queen heads home
without ever revealing her identity while Verdayne returns to England to perform "good deeds." Three
years later, the Queen sends for him and he comes to Sardalia. The King discovers Paul's presence and
murders the Queen just after she sends Verdayne away. One of her loyal servants, in turn, kills the King.
Verdayne returns just in time for the Queen to die in his arms. A couple of years later, his child by the
Queen (Alan Crosland, Jr. -- it's an easy bet that this is the director's son) is crowned king of Sardalia.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
~Plot Synopsis~
~Conrad Nagel & Aileen Pringle~
~Aileen Pringle~
~Conrad Nagel & Aileen Pringle~
~Conrad Nagel & Aileen Pringle~
~Conrad Nagel & Aileen Pringle~
~Aileen Pringle & Conrad Nagel~
~Conrad Nagel & Aileen Pringle~
~Conrad Nagel & Aileen Pringle~
~Conrad Nagel~
~Aileen Pringle & John St. Polis~
~Aileen Pringle & John St. Polis~
~John St. Polis~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Goldwyn Pictures Corporation

Distribution Company: Goldwyn-Cosmopolitan Distributing Corporation

Executive Producer: Samuel Goldwyn
Cinematography by: John J. Mescall
Costume Design by: Sophie Wachner
Sets: Cedric Gibbons
Still Photographer: Clarence Sinclair Bull        
Editorial Director:
June Mathis

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: February 10, 1924