~The Woman of Bronze~

Clara Kimball Young ...  Vivian Hunt
John Bowers ...  Paddy Miles
Kathryn McGuire ...  Sylvia Morton
Edwin Stevens ...  Reggie Morton
Lloyd Whitlock ...  Leonard Hunt
Edward Kimball ...  Papa Bonelli
In this drama based on the novel by Henry Kistaemaecher, Clara Kimball Young plays Vivian Hunt, a
woman married to aspiring sculptor Leonard Hunt (Lloyd Whitlock), who is working on a memorial
statue he plans to enter in a million-dollar competition. But when Leonard falls in love with his
model, Sylvia Morton (Kathryn McGuire), causing Vivian incredible pain and suffering, he is
infuriated by his own actions and smashes the statue, which seems as soulless to him as does Sylvia.
He believes his inspiration to have vanished, but it returns when he finds what he's searching for in
his wife's face.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: King Vidor

Written by:
Louis D. Lighton - writer
Hope Loring - adaptation & screenplay

Based on the play by Henry Kistemaekers
~Plot Synopsis~
~3: Edward Kimball, John Bowers, Clara Kimball Young & Lloyd Whitlock~
~10: Lloyd Whitlock & Clara Kimball Young~
~12: Clara Kimball Young, Lloyd Whitlock & Edward Kimball~
~13: Clara Kimball Young & Edwin Stevens~
~35: Lloyd Whitlock & Clara Kimball Young~
~37: Lloyd Whitlock & Clara Kimball Young~
~Lloyd Whitlock & Clara Kimball Young~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies: Samuel Zierler Photoplay Corporation

Distribution Company: Metro Pictures Corporation

Produced by: Samuel Zierler
Cinematography by: L. William O'Connell
Art Direction by: Joseph C. Wright
Presenter: Harry Garson

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: February 26, 1923