~The Winning of Barbara Worth~

Ronald Colman ...  Willard Holmes
Vilma Bánky ...  Barbara Worth
Gary Cooper ...  Abe Lee
Charles Lane ...  Jefferson Worth
Paul McAllister ...  The Seer
E.J. Ratcliffe ...  James Greenfield
Clyde Cook ...  Tex
Erwin Connelly ...  Pat Mooney
Ed Brady ...  McDonald
Sammy Blum ...  Horace Blanton
Fred Esmelton ...  George Cartwright
Bill Patton ...  Little Rosebud (as William Patton)
Ray Cahill ...  Extra (uncredited)
Carmencita Johnson ...  Barbara Worth as child (uncredited)
Paul Koseris ...  Extra (uncredited)
Lawrence Lang ...  Extra (uncredited)
Joey Olaeta ...  Extra (uncredited)
W.H. Orton ...  Extra (uncredited)
Albert Smith ...  Extra (uncredited)
Virgil Smith ...  Extra (uncredited)
Glynn Waiters ...  Woman (uncredited)
Edith Wells ...  Extra (uncredited)
Henry Wells ...  Boy (uncredited)
Margaret Wells ...  Girl (uncredited)
P.H. Wolf ...  Extra (uncredited)
Jack Wycoffe ...  Extra (uncredited)
Directed by: Henry King

Written by:
Lenore J. Coffee - uncredited
Rupert Hughes - titles
Frances Marion - adaptation

Based on the novel by Harold Bell Wright
A very popular silent western, this film features two engineers vying for the affections of the adoptive
daughter of a landowner. Barbara Worth (Vilma Banky) wants to help her father, Jefferson Worth
(Charles Lane), build a dam on the Colorado River to help irrigate the desert land he owns. The elder
Worth gets a loan from a New York banker, who brings with him his stepson, Willard Holmes (Ronald
Colman), an engineer. Local engineer Abe Lee (Gary Cooper, in one of his first big roles) and Holmes both
fall in love with Barbara. The banker cheats on materials for the dam as part of a shady deal. Jefferson
Worth discovers the ruse and tries to finish the project himself, but he runs short of money to pay his
hired hands. With the dam in jeopardy, the two rival engineers bury their differences and ride off on
horses to get money to salvage the dam and save Worth, who is at the mercy of a lynch mob.

Biography by Michael Betzold
~Plot Synopsis~
~Gary Cooper~
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: The Samuel Goldwyn Company

Distribution Company: United Artists

Produced by: Samuel Goldwyn
Music by: Ted Henkel
Cinematography by: George Barnes    
Film Editing by: Viola Lawrence
Casting by: Robert McIntyre
Art Direction by: Carl Oscar Borg
Props by: Irving W. Sindler
Stunts by: Jack Montgomery & Bill Patton
Assistant Camera by: Gregg Toland
Camera Operator: Friend Baker
Company Director: L.A. Eshman
Construction Superintendent: Carleton E. Haviland
Assistant to Director: Louis King & Edward Sowders

Length: 9 Reels
Runtime: 89 Minutes
Released: October 14, 1926