~The Wild Goose Chase~
~DM40: (Center) Ina Claire~
~DM50: (L to R) unknown, unknown, Theodore Roberts, unknown man, Helen Marlborough, Mrs.
Lewis McCord, Tom Forman, Ina Claire and unknown~
~Plot Synopsis~
In France, two old men show each other photographs of their American grandchildren, Bob Randall
and Betty Wright. The grandfathers, each determined to select their grandchild's mate, offer two
million francs to each grandchild if they marry one another. In America, Bob and Betty meet when
Bob, a college student, runs from the town constable after mischievously stealing a cigar store
Indian and jumps into Betty's auto. Despite her protests, Betty finds that she likes Bob. When both
sets of parents try to convince their children to marry according to their grandfather's wishes, Bob
sends his roommate, the "Grind," to meet Betty, who changes places with her maid. Rather than
submit, Bob and Betty run away and both join a traveling theatrical troupe run by the barnstorming
but broke tragedian, Horatio Brutus Bangs. After the troupe performs Romeo and Juliet a sheriff
throws them in jail for not paying their hotel bills. When their parents locate them, Bob and Betty,
now in love, realize the other's identity and agree to marry.  

Plot Synopsis from afi.com
Directed by: Cecil B. DeMille

Written by:
William C. de Mille - screenplay

Based on the play by William C. de Mille.

Ina Claire ...Betty Wright
Lucien Littlefield ...The 'grind'
Helen Marlborough ...Mrs. Wright
Raymond Hatton ...Mr. Wright
Tom Forman ...Bob Randall
Ernest Joy ...Mr. Randall
Theodore Roberts ...Horatio Brutus Bangs
Tex Driscoll ...(uncredited)
Mrs. Lewis McCord ...(uncredited)
Florence Smythe ...Mrs. Randall (uncredited)
Jane Wolfe ...(uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company

Released by: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Producer: Cecil B. DeMille
Cinematography by: Alvin Wyckoff
Film Editing by:
Cecil B. DeMille (uncredited)
Presenter: Jesse L. Lasky

Length: 4 Reels
Runtime: 40 Minutes
Released: May 27, 1915