~The White Sister~

Lillian Gish ...  Angela Chiaromonte
Ronald Colman ...  Capt. Govanni Severini
Gail Kane ...  Marchesa de Mola
J. Barney Sherry ...  Monsignor Saracinesca
Charles Lane ...  Prince Chiaromonte
Juliette La Violette ...  Madame Bernard
Gustavo Serena ...  Prof. Ugo Severi (as Signor Serena)
Alfredo Bertone ...  Filmore Durand
Roman Ibanez ...  Count del Ferice
Alfredo Martinelli ...  Alfredo del Ferice
Ida Carloni Talli ...  Mother Superior (as Carloni Talli)
Giovanni Viccola ...  Gen. Mazzini
Antonio Barda ...  Alfredo's Tutor
Giacomo D'Attino ...  Solicitor to the Prince
Michele Gualdi ...  Solicitor to Count
Giuseppe Pavoni ...  The Archbishop
Francesco Socinus ...  Prof. Torricelli
Sheik Mahomet ...  The Bedouin Chief
James E. Abbe ...  Lt. Rossini (as James Abbe)
W. Duncan Mansfield ...  Cmdr. Dorato (as Duncan Mansfield)
Ferruccio Biancini   
Thelma Raye
Lillian Gish plays the girl whose travails begin when her father dies and her conniving sister cheats her
out of her inheritance. Gish is deeply in love with handsome army officer Ronald Colman, but when war
erupts, he is sent to the front. Soon after he is listed among the dead. In her despair, Gish turns to God and
enters a convent. The scene in which she assumes the veil and takes her final vows is particularly moving
and was supervised by the chief ceremonial director for the Vatican so it is also accurate. Soon after the
ceremony, Colman who didn't really die, shows up and begs her to leave the Church for him. When that
fails, he tries to trick her into petitioning the Pope, but again she stands firm. Just as she says no, Mount
Vesuvius erupts and the soldier saves his beloved from certain death. Her sister doesn't fare as well. Still,
before she dies, she begs for Gish's and God's forgiveness. Colman heroically races toward town to warn
them, but dies before he arrives. Gish is sad, but continues to live her life for God.

Plot Synopsis by Sandra Brennan, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Henry King

Written by:
George V. Hobart - writer  
Charles E. Whittaker - writer
Will M. Ritchey - titles
Don Bartlett - titles

Based on the novel by Francis Marion Crawford
~Plot Synopsis~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Inspiration Pictures

Released by: Metro Pictures Corporation

Producer: Henry King
Music by: Joseph Carl Breil
Cinematography by: Roy F. Overbaugh
Film Editing: Duncan Mansfield
Art Direction by: Robert M. Haas
Production Manager: Joseph Boyle
Assistant Camera: Fernando Risi & William Schurr
Ship Builder: Tito Neri

Length: 10 Reels
Runtime: 143 minutes
Released: September 5, 1923

Filmed on Location in:
Lago Montagna, Italy
Sorrento, Naples, Campania, Italy
Isle of Capri, Naples, Campania, Italy
Rome, Lazio, Italy
Tivoli, Rome, Lazio, Italy