~The White Black Sheep~
~18-218: Patsy Ruth Miller~
~Plot Synopsis~
he White Black Sheep in this stiff-upper-lip actioner is Robert Kincairn (Richard Bartheless), the dissolute
son of a British colonel (William H. Tooker). Though outwardly a wastrel, Kincaim is gallant enough to
take the blame for a robbery perpetrated by his fiancee Enid (Constance Howard). Thrown out of his
household in disgrace, he vows to redeem himself by changing his name, joining the army, and heading
off to a desert outpost near Palestine. Rescuing Greek dancing girl Zelle (Patsy Ruth Miller) from the
unwanted advances of the treacherous El Rahib (Gino Corrado), Kincairn earns himself a powerful
enemy -- which he later discovers when, while working undercover to spy on the enemy, he is captured
by Rahib's minions and subjected to hideous tortures. Fortunately, our hero escapes in time to warn his
superior officers of an impending Arab attack. A happy ending is assured when Kincairn's ex-fiancee
confesses to her crime, whereupon Kincairn is warmly forgiven by his father -- who, as luck would have
it, has been placed in charge of his son's regiment!

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Sidney Olcott    

Written by:  
Agnes Pat McKenna - writer
Jerome N. Wilson - adaptation

Based on a story by Violet E. Powell

Richard Barthelmess ...  Robert Kincarin
Patsy Ruth Miller ...  Zelie
Constance Howard ...  Enid Gower
Erville Alderson ...  Yasuf
William H. Tooker ...  Colonel Kincairn
Gino Corrado ...  El Rahib
Albert Prisco ...  Kadir
Sam Appel ...  Dimos
G.L. McDonnell ...  Colonel Nicholson
Templar Saxe ...  Stanley Fielding
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Inspiration Pictures

Distribution Company: First National Pictures

Cinematography by: David W. Gobbett    

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: December 12, 1926