~The Village Choir~
~Plot Synopsis~
The choir practices and the quartette, driven to desperation by the frequent false notes played by the
near-sighted organist, complain. He leaves in a huff. The minister tells them that his daughter will be on
hand next Sunday and will play for them. Mary arrives. She is introduced to the quartette who, during the
week days, sow seeds and plow. The minister is writing a sermon when the deacon enters and demands
the payment of the mortgage on the church. He is insistent, but promises to wait upon meeting Mary,
when his heart melts at the sight of her loveliness. On Sunday the music is faultless. It is the male portion
of the quartette now at fault. Forgetfulness is the fault, caused by too close an interest in Mary. At the
close of the sermon the minister announces that a basket picnic will be given to raise the mortgage on the
church. The day of the picnic arrives and the deacon soon finds that Bob is a strong favorite with Mary.
He is very angry. He sees Mary tie a ribbon on her basket so that Bob shall buy it. He determines to
frustrate their scheme and tells the minister that he will buy Mary's basket for he knows which one it is.
Mandy, an elderly person with her eye on the deacon, changes the ribbon on Mary's basket to her own.
The baskets are auctioned and Mandy's basket is put up first. The deacon buys it, much to his disgust and
Bob's and Mary's enjoyment. Mary decides that her basket is not safe, so she and Bob borrow it when
nobody is looking and depart for a more serene scene. The deacon is not to be denied, and having more
money he outbids the boys and buys all the baskets, only to discover that Mary's is not among them. The
deacon departs in anger. He seeks out the minister and demands immediate payment of the mortgage.
The auctioneer comes up with the necessary amount from the sale of the baskets, all supplied by the
deacon himself. The church is free and the only two unhappy members are Mary and the deacon. The rest
rescue the baskets which the deacon has Jeff and have a good time.

Moving Picture World synopsis

Louise Glaum ... Mary, The Minister's Daughter
Sherman Brainbridge
Eddie Lyons...to the right of Louise, holding the prayerbook and looking at her)
Stella Adams... the woman next to him is Eddie Lyons

Many thanks to Steve Masa for the ID of some of the cast
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Nestor Film Company

Released by: Universal Film Manufacturing Company

Produced by: David Horsley

Length: 1 Reel
Runtime: 10 Minutes
Released: March 17, 1913
~This very rare clipping from The Village Choir, a Nestor Comedy released in 1913 has no known cast
credits. Louise Glaum is to the far left. Any other ID's would be greatly appreciated!
Guy behind bald man is Sherman Brainbridge.
Steve Massa: I think that's Eddie Lyons to the right of Louise, holding the prayerbook and looking at her,
and the woman next to him is Stella Adams.
Good comedy. There is a large cast, and they make a lot of fun when they portray a church picnic. There
is a basket auction in which one man, in order to obtain the privilege of taking luncheon with the girl of
his choice, buys all the baskets, to be certain. How he failed will cause laughter. There is one scene
especially worthy of mention. This is where it is desired to show a choir in its loft. The picture shows the
choir and the pulpit only, which is enough, of course.

The Moving Picture World, March 22, 1913