~The U.P. Trail~
~10: Marguerite de la Motte, Roy Stewart, Robert McKim (?) & Virginia Caldwell~
~12: Virginia Caldwell, Roy Stewart, Marguerite de la Motte & Robert McKim (?)~
~17: Roy Stewart, Virginia Caldwell, Marguerite de la Motte, Robert McKim (?) & unknown~
~40: Roy Stewart & Marguerite de la Motte~
~61: Unknown & Roy Stewart~
~66: Marguerite de la Motte & Roy Stewart~
~68: Roy Stewart & Kathlyn Williams~
~82: Roy Stewart & Marguerite de la Motte~
~97: Roy Stewart, Larry Steers (?) & Fred Starr (?)~
~109: Unknown, Roy Stewart, Robert McKim (?) & unknown~
~122: Joseph J. Dowling, Roy Stewart & Fred Starr (?)~
~127: Roy Stewart & Marguerite de la Motte~
~134: Roy Stewart & Fred Starr (?)~
~137: Unknown, Roy Stewart, Unknown & Marguerite de la Motte~
~143: Roy Stewart & Joseph J. Dowling & Fred Starr (?)~
~Plot Synopsis~
Warren Neale (Roy Stewart), an expert civil engineer, is working on the first transcontinental railroad
when he rescues Allie Lee (Marguerite de la Motte) after her family has been killed by an Indian
massacre. Through Warren's care, the girl recovers and their friendship ripens into love. Warren leaves
Allie at trapper Slingerland's (George Berrell) cabin when he goes to the nearby town of Benton to buy
provisions. In his absence, Jose Durade (Robert McKim), claiming that Allie is his daughter, goes to the
trapper's cabin, kills Slingerland and abducts the girl. Returning to find Allie gone, Neale, half crazed,
searches for her until he collapses in exhaustion and is cared for by "Beauty" Stanton (Kathlyn Williams),
the dance hall mistress who loves the engineer. Beauty learns that Durade is holding Allie at his dance
hall, rescues the girl and brings her to Neale. Durade, in revenge, gathers his gang together at Beauty's
place where in the ensuing battle, both Durade and Beauty are mortally wounded. In her dying moments,
Beauty offers the lovers her blessing and they set out together to finish Neale's work on the U.P. Trail.  

Plot Synopsis from allmovie.com
Directed by: Jack Conway

Written by: William H. Clifford

Based on the novel "The U.P. Trail" by Zane Grey

Kathlyn Williams ...  'Beauty' Stanton
Roy Stewart ...  Warren Neale
Marguerite De La Motte ...  Allie Lee
Robert McKim ...  Jose Durade
Joseph J. Dowling ...  'Place' Hough
Fred Starr ...  Fresno
Charles Murphy ...  Larry 'Red' King
Virginia Caldwell ...  Ruby Cortez
Walter Perry ...  Casey
George Berrell ...  Slingerland
Larry Steers ...  Undetermined Role (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Zane Grey Pictures

Distribution Companies:
W.W. Hodkinson
Pathé Exchange

Produced by: Benjamin B. Hampton  
Cinematography by: Enrique Juan Vallejo

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: November 20, 1920
~135: Roy Stewart & Fred Starr (?)~