~The Unknown Purple~
~Promotional Photograph from The California
Theater to promote the screening of "The
Unknown Purple," in 1923~

Henry B. Walthall ...  Peter Marchmont / Victor Cromport
Alice Lake ...  Jewel Marchmont
Stuart Holmes ...  James Dawson
Helen Ferguson ...  Ruth Marsh
Frankie Lee ...  Bobbie
Ethel Grey Terry ...  Mrs. Freddie Goodlittle
James Morrison ...  Leslie Bradbury
Johnny Arthur ...  Freddie Goodlittle
Richard Wayne ...  George Allison
Brinsley Shaw ...  Hawkins
Mike Donlin ...  Burton
Dorothy Phillips ...  (uncredited)
~Plot Synopsis~
Roland West, who directed this mystery, also co-wrote the stage play on which it was based. Inventor
Peter Marchmont (Henry B. Walthall) goes to prison for a crime committed by James Dawson (Stuart
Holmes). While he is locked up he discovers that his wife, Jewel (Alice Lake), has been involved with
Dawson, and he swears revenge. Released from prison, he disguises himself and takes on the name Victor
Cromport. Having invented a purple light, which makes him invisible, he begins using this device to
secretly ruin Dawson's life. The detectives are baffled by the goings on, and in the end Marchmont wins
back Jewel's love. As part of his revenge, he forces her to live with Dawson, who she now hates. Instead,
he settles down with Ruth Marsh (Helen Ferguson), the girl who has been taking care of his son.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Roland West

Written by:
Alfred A. Cohn - titles
Paul Schofield - adaptation
Roland West - adaptation

Based on the play The Unknown Purple by Roland West, Carlyle Moore
(New York, 14 Sep 1918).
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Carlos Productions

Released by: Truart Film Co.

Cinematography by: Oliver T. Marsh
Film Editing by: Horace Jackson
Presenter: A. Carlos

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: October 1923