~The Tender Hour~
~78-22: Billie Dove~
~78-57: Billie Dove~
~Plot Synopsis~
Marcia Kane (Billie Dove), daughter of an American capitalist, is persuaded by her father to marry the
expatriated Russian Grand Duke Sergei (Montague Love), and believing Wally McKenzie (Ben Lyon), her
real love, to be dead, she consents. Discovering after the ceremony that her father has tricked her, Marcia
vows to be the duke's wife in name only, though she refuses Wally's proposal that she go away with him.
Sergei persuades Chinilly (Alec B. Francis), who is fond of his wife, to present a pageant in her honor, and
in Paris Chinilly finds Wally along with some crooks and reunites the lovers. The suspicious Sergei
threatens to kill Wally, but Marcia bargains with her brutal husband. Gathering his underworld friends,
Wally breaks into the duke's villa and saves her at the last minute. Sergei is forced to consent to a divorce,
and Chinilly takes the lovers to his home on the Riviera.

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Directed by: George Fitzmaurice    

Written by: Winifred Dunn

Based on the story by Carey Wilson

Billie Dove ...  Marcia Kane
Ben Lyon ...  Wally McKenzie
Montagu Love ...  Gramd Duke Sergei
Alec B. Francis ...  Francis Chinilly
Constantine Romanoff ...  Gorki
Laska Winters ...  Tana
T. Roy Barnes ...  Tough-House Higgins
George Kotsonaros ...  The Wrestler
Charles A. Post ...  Pussy-Finger
Anders Randolf ...  Leader of Pageant
Frank Elliott ...  Party Guest
Lionel Belmore ...  Party Guest
Lon Poff ...  Party Guest
August Tollaire ...  Prefect of Police
Yola d'Avril ...  Cabaret Girl
George Bunny ...  (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: John McCormick Productions

Distribution Company: First National Pictures

Cinematography by: Robert Kurrle
Presenter: John McCormick

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: May 1, 1927