~The Street of Forgotten Men~
~805-29: Percy Marmont & Mary Brian~
~805-32: Percy Marmont & Mary Brian~
~805-41: Percy Marmont~
~805-43: John Harrington & Percy Marmont~
~805-73: Percy Marmont~
~805-76: Percy Marmont~
~805-92: Percy Marmont~
~805-96: Street Scene~
~805-108: Percy Marmont~
~805-114: Percy Marmont~
~805-124: Percy Marmont~
~805-137: Percy Marmont~
~805-141: John Harrington & Percy Marmont~
~805-156: (on the right) John Harrington & Percy Marmont and (on the left looking on) Louise Brooks~
~805-161: Percy Marmont & John Harrington~
~805-166: Mary Brian, Neil Hamilton, John Harrington & Percy Marmont~
~805-168: Neil Hamilton & Mary Brian~
~805-177: Neil Hamilton & Mary Brian~
~Plot Synopsis~
This colorful drama of the Bowery of the 1890s was directed by Herbert Brenon. Diamond Mike (Riley
Hatch) runs a Bowery saloon where, in a back room, men disguise themselves as cripples so they can beg
for money. Their leader is Easy Money Charlie (Percy Marmont), who pretends to have only one arm. His
enemy is a pseudo blind man, Bridgeport White-Eye (John Harrington). When street woman Portland
Fancy (Juliet Brenon) dies, she convinces Charlie to take care of her four-year-old daughter. Charlie
takes surprisingly good care of the girl, Mary, making sure she is raised properly and receives a good
education. When she grows up (to be played by Mary Brian), a young lawyer, Philip Peyton (Neil
Hamilton), falls in love with her. Mary, however, is in love with Charlie, who she believes to be a
successful businessman. Charlie realizes that he's nothing but a sham and a scammer, so he confesses the
truth about his line of work to Peyton and disappears. After he is reported drowned, Peyton and Mary
become engaged. White-Eye sees a chance to blackmail the young couple, but Charlie reappears and
really blinds his adversary in a fight. The last we see of Charlie, he is in his beggar's rags, watching Mary's
wedding from outside the church. Although she does not receive billing, this was the screen debut of
Louise Brooks, who played a gun moll.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Herbert Brenon    

Written by:
John Russell - adaptation
Paul Schofield - screenplay

Based on the short story "Street of the Forgotten Men" by George Kibbe
Turner in  Liberty Magazine  (14 Feb 1925).

Percy Marmont ...  Easy Money Charley
Neil Hamilton ...  Philip Peyton
Mary Brian ...  Mary Vanhern
John Harrington ...  Bridgeport White-Eye
Juliet Brenon ...  Portland Fancy
Josephine Deffry ...  Dutch Molly
Riley Hatch ...  Diamond Mike
Agostino Borgato ...  Adolphe
Albert Roccardi ...  Adolphe's Assistant
Dorothy Walters ...  Widow McKee
Louise Brooks ...  A Moll (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Produced By: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Distribution By: Paramount Pictures

Cinematography by: Harold Rosson
Art Direction by: Frederick A. Foord    
Presenters: Jesse L. Lasky & Adolph Zukor

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 76 Minutes
Released: August 24, 1925