~The Stolen Bride~
~Billie Dove & Lloyd Hughes~
~Plot Synopsis~
Franz Pless (Lloyd Hughes), son of a Hungarian peasant, goes to New York to become an architect and
while there meets Sari (Billie Dove), Countess Thurzo, whom he knew as a child. A romance develops
but is cut short as Sari must return to Hungary with her father. Franz follows her to Europe, but to his
dismay he learns he must serve 3 years' compulsory military service; gaining leave to visit his
grandfather, he quarrels with Baron von Heimberg (Armand Kaliz), captain of his regiment, who makes
him his orderly. In secret meetings Sari promises to wait for Franz, but her father announces at a
formal banquet the engagement of his daughter and Heimberg without consulting her. Franz assaults
the captain and is pursued by soldiers; Sari conceals him, but he is discovered and offered his freedom
provided that he leave the country. Ilona (Lilyan Tashman), the captain's mistress, conceals herself in
Sari's wedding gown while she meets Franz; Ilona then forces the captain to go through with the
wedding. Of interest only as the first American film of European producer-director Alexander Korda,
The Stolen Bride lacks the spark and vivacity of Korda's later efforts. Still, he got along just fine with
Billie Dove, and went on to direct three more of the actress' vehicles.

Plot Synopsis is a combination of Plot Synopsis' from allmovie.com & afi.com
Directed by: Alexander Korda    

Written by: Carey Wilson

Billie Dove ...  Sari, Countess Thurzo
Lloyd Hughes ...  Franz Pless
Armand Kaliz ...  Baron von Heimburg
Frank Beal ...  Count Thurzo
Lilyan Tashman ...  Ilona Taznadi
Cleve Moore ...  Lieutenant Kiss
Otto Hoffman ...  Papa Pless
Charles Wellesley ...  The Regiment Pater
Bert Sprotte ...  Sergeant
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: First National Pictures

Produced by: Carey Wilson  
Cinematography by: Robert Kurrle  
Costume Design by: Max Rée
Presenter: Richard A. Rowland

Length: 8 Reels
Released: August 10, 1927
~85-122: Billie Dove & Lilyan Tashman~