~The Stage Hand~
~Plot Synopsis~
While this Larry Semon two-reeler is short on plot, it's particularly rich in the kind of absurd slapstick
gags at which Semon excelled. Semon is a stage hand whose incompetence is exacerbated by the
presence of a mischievous monkey. Things go from bad to worse when the stage hand lights his cigarette
and tosses the lit match on the floor. It ignites some gun powder and the explosion literally blows the
pants right off the harassed stage manager (Frank Alexander). The stage manager tries to enter a
dressing room to put on another pair of pants but is shoved back out by a group of chorus girls and winds
up on-stage. He angrily goes after the stage hand and the ensuing chase ruins the whole show. The whole
troupe now goes after the stage hand who somehow manages to get away unscathed. A brief shot in the
audience reveals the presence of Oliver Hardy, who would later become Semon's foil for a number of
films, and who, later on in the 1920s, would become the heftier half of Laurel and Hardy.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Written & Directed by:
Larry Semon
Norman Taurog

Larry Semon ...  The Stage Hand
Lucille Carlisle ...  The Leading Lady
Frank Alexander ...  The Stage Manager
Thelma Percy ...  The Animal Trainer
Al Thompson ...  The Show Manager
William Hauber ...  Props
Jack Duffy ...  The Hero
Frank Hayes ...  The Prima Donna
Oliver Hardy ...  Audience member (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies:
Larry Semon Productions (for)
Vitagraph Company of America

Distribution Company: Vitagraph Company of America

Producers: Larry Semon and Albert E. Smith
Cinematography by: Hans F. Koenekamp

Length: 2 Reels
Runtime: 20 Minutes
Released: September 20, 1920