~The Sporting Lover~
~1-8: Conway Tearle & Alan Hale~
~Plot Synopsis~
The Sporting Lover was produced by Faultless Pictures Corporation, leaving the picture wide open for
wisecracks from the less-impressionable critics. The title character, played by Conway Tearle, is Captain
Terrance Connaughton, known far and wide and as the most romantic man in the Army. Flitting from
woman to woman, Connaughton finally decides to settle down when he falls in love with Lady
Gwendolyn Cavens (Barbara Bedford). But alas! Lady G. will be forced to wed the evil Sir Philip Barton
(Ward Crane) unless her horse "Good Luck" wins the Big Race. So just guess who straightens this mess
out. That's right, it's Captain Terrance Connaughton, whose capacity for goodness is almost as big as his

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Alan Hale

Written by:
Carey Wilson - adaptation
Malcolm Stuart Boylan - titles

Based on the novel Good Luck by Seymour Hicks, Ian Hay (London
production: 1923).

Conway Tearle ...  Captain Terrance Connaughton
Barbara Bedford ...  Lady Gwendolyn
Ward Crane ...  Captain Sir Phillip Barton
Arthur Rankin ...  Algernon Cravens
Charles McHugh ...  Paddy O'Brien - Connaughton's Servant
Johnny Fox ...  Aloysius Patrick O'Brien - Paddy's Son (as John Fox Jr.)
Bodil Rosing ...  Nora O'Brien
George Ovey ...  Jockey
Alan Hale
~1- 21Conway Tearle & Barbara Bedford~
~1-49: Arthur Rankin & Ward Crane~
~Remaining Credits~

Produced by: Faultless Pictures

Distributed by: First National Pictures

Producer: E. M. Asher  
Producer: Edward Small
Director of Photography: Faxon M. Dean
Director of Photography: Robert Newhard
Film Editor: Edward M. Roskam
Art Director: Horace Jackson
Production Manager: Ben Verschleiser

Length: 7 reels
Runtime: 75 minutes
Release: June 17, 1926