~The Spoilers~
~Promotional Photograph from The California
Theater to promote the screening of the film
"The Spoilers," in 1923~

Milton Sills ...  Roy Glennister
Anna Q. Nilsson ...  Cherry Malotte
Barbara Bedford ...  Helen Chester
Robert Edeson ...  Joe Dextry
Ford Sterling ...  'Slapjack' Simms
Wallace MacDonald ...  Broncho Kid
Noah Beery ...  Alex McNamara
Mitchell Lewis ...  Marshal Voorhees
John Elliott ...  Bill Wheaton
Robert McKim ...  Struve
Tom McGuire ...  Captain Stevens
Kate Price ...  Landlady
Rockliffe Fellowes ...  Matthews
J. Gordon Russell ...  Burke (as Gordon Russell)
Louise Fazenda ...  Tilly Nelson
Sam De Grasse ...  Judge Stillman
Alan Roscoe ...  Mexico Mullins (as Albert Roscoe)
Jack Curtis ...  Bill Nolan
~Plot Synopsis~
This was the second silent version of the oft-filmed Rex Beach novel (made three more times in the sound
era). Roy Glennister (Milton Sills) and his partner, Joe Dextry (Robert Edeson), are tricked out of their
Alaskan gold mines by a pair of crooked politicians. Alex McNamara (Noah Beery Sr.) and Judge Stillman
(Sam deGrasse) jump their claims. Glennister has become friends with Stillman's niece, Heelen Chester
(Barbara Bedford), and dancehall girl Cherry Malotte (Anna Q. Nilsson) tries to convince him that the girl
is part of the scheme. But Helen is honest, and she winds up looking into her uncle's dishonest affairs.
Because of her efforts, she just barely escapes being put in a compromising position. Glennister and
McNamara come to blows in a brutal fight that serves as the picture's climax. In the first version of The
Spoilers, William Farnum and Tom Santschi made this fight particularly memorable. Unfortunately,
handsome Sills and big, beefy Beery weren't nearly so well-matched, and the battle didn't look quite real.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Lambert Hillyer

Written by:
Elliott J. Clawson  - adaptation
Hope Loring  - adaptation
Fred Myton  - adaptation

Based on the novel by Rex Beach and the play by James MacArthur
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Jesse D. Hampton Productions (for)
Goldwyn Pictures Corporation

Distribution Company: Goldwyn Distributing Corporation

Produced by: Jesse D. Hampton
Cinematography by: John Stumar & Dwight Warren
Technical Advisors: William Farnum & Tom Santschi

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: August 5, 1923