~The Silent Man~
~Plot Synopsis~
Just about everybody except the leading lady has a nickname in this William S. Hart Western. The claim
of "Silent" Bud Marr (Hart) is stolen by a pair of badmen, dance hall owner "Handsome" Jack Pressley
(the always-villainous Robert McKim) and crooked agent Ames Mitchell (Milton Ross). But Marr is
determined to get revenge, and he holds up the stagecoach carrying Pressley, his new bride, Betty Bryce
(Vola Vale), and the outlaws' first shipment of gold dust. When he realizes that Betty is an innocent that
Pressley will no doubt put her to work at his dance hall, Marr kidnaps her and puts her in the care of
"Preaching Bill" Hardy (George P. Nichols) and his wife (Gertrude Claire). Marr is hunted as an outlaw,
while Pressley, frustrated that the preacher won't reveal his whereabouts, burns down his home and
half-built church. Finally, Marr allows Betty's brother David (Harold Goodwin) to capture him so he can
collect the reward. At the trial, things look bad for Marr, since the villains are in charge of the
proceedings. But just in time, Marr's pal, "Grubstake" Higgins (J.P. Lockney) shows up and reveals that he
is an agent for the department of justice who has had his eye on Pressley the whole time. Pressley is
captured in a thrilling Hart climax, and when it is discovered that he was already married to dance hall
girl Topaz (Dorcas Matthews), Betty is free to become Marr's wife. The humorous titles here are atypical
of the usual Hart feature, and quite refreshing.

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Directed by: William S. Hart    

Written by: Charles Kenyon - story

William S. Hart ...  'Silent' Budd Marr
Vola Vale ...  Betty Bryce
Robert McKim ...  Handsome Jack Pressley
Dorcas Matthews ...  Topaz
J.P. Lockney ...  'Grubstake' Higgins
George Nichols ...  Preachin' Bill Hardy
Gertrude Claire ...  Mrs. Hardy
Milton Ross ...  Ames Mitchell
Harold Goodwin ...  David Bryce
Bob Kortman ...  Sheriff (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies:
Thomas H. Ince Corporation
William S. Hart Productions

Distribution Company: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Executive Producer: William S. Hart  
Cinematography by: Joseph H. August  
Assistant Director: Lambert Hillyer
Presenter & Supervisor:
Thomas H. Ince

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 61 Minutes
Released: November 26, 1917