~The Sideshow~
~Marie Prevost & 'Little Billy' Rhodes~
~Plot Synopsis~
Columbia's The Sideshow was obviously inspired by the success of such big-top dramas as First National's
The Barker. The scene is a travelling circus owned by a rather belligerent midget (Little Billy), who barks
out orders with the authority of a man three times his size. Though officially the hero of the film, the
midget manager takes a back seat romantically to "normal-sized" leading man Ralph Graves and leading
lady Marie Prevost. The basic story deals with the efforts by a group of villains to buy out the midget
through fair means or foul. A series of suspicious "accidents" leads to murder, forcing the pint-sized
protagonist to play detective. Stock footage from Sideshow would later resurface in Columbia productions
as diverse as the "B"-feature The Shadow and the Three Stooges 2-reeler Three Little Twirps.

Plot Synopsis by Hal Erickson, AllMovie.com

Marie Prevost ...  Queenie Parker
Ralph Graves ...  Gentleman Ted Rogers
'Little Billy' Rhodes ...  P.W. Melrose
Alan Roscoe ...  Ghandi
Pat Harmon ...  Bowen
R.E. 'Tex' Madsen ...  Tall man
Martha McGruger ...  Fat lady
Steve Clemente ...  Knife thrower
Janet Ford ...  Knife thrower's aide
Paul Desmuke ...  Armless man
Bert Price ...  Tattooed man
Chester Morton ...  Thin man
Jacques Ray ...  Fire eater
Joe Bordeaux ...  Roustabout (uncredited)
Schlitze ...  Bit Role (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Columbia Pictures Corporation

Distribution Company: Columbia Pictures

Produced by: Jack Cohn
Cinematography by: Joseph Walker    
Art Direction by: Harrison Wiley    
Assistant Director: Charles C. Coleman  
Technical Director: Edward Shulter

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: December 11, 1928
Directed by: Erle C. Kenton    

Written by: Howard J. Green - screenplay & story