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~The Sea Wolf~
~Plot Synopsis~
Captain "Wolf" Larsen (Ralph Ince), the absolute master of a seal schooner, is a mystic and philosopher,
though he rules his men with an iron hand. On a ferry going from San Francisco to Oakland, Humphrey
Van Weyden (Theodore von Eltz), a critic, and Maud Brewster (Claire Adams), a novelist, meet in
masquerade costumes and are forced overboard when their boat collides with a steamer. Humphrey,
then Maud, are picked up by Larsen's crew. Because of her costume, Maud is taken for a boy and
placed in the custody of Mugridge (Snitz Edwards), the cook, who attempts to attack her upon
discovering her identity. Larsen takes her under his protection and decides to marry her; but as the
ceremony begins, the crew mutinies, and Larsen is stricken with blindness as he faces the rebels. The
ship is set afire, and though Humphrey and Maud are rescued by another steamer, Larsen, deserted by
his crew, refuses to quit his ship and is enveloped in flames.  
Directed by: Ralph Ince

Written by: J. Grubb Alexander

Based on the novel The Sea-Wolf by Jack London (New York, 1904).

Ralph Ince ...'Wolf' Larsen
Claire Adams ...Maud Brewster
Theodore von Eltz ...Humphrey Van Weyden
Snitz Edwards ...Thomas Mugridge (cook)
Mitchell Lewis ...Johansen, the Mate
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Ralph W. Ince Corporation

Distribution Company: Producers Distributing Corporation

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: July 26, 1926
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