~The Sea Wolf~
~Plot Synopsis~
Wolf Larsen, the brutal captain of the sailing vessel The Ghost , rescues Humphrey Van Weyden and
Maud Brewster from the sea when their ferryboat is rammed. They implore Wolf to send them
ashore, but being short-handed and attracted to Maud, he refuses and instead forces Humphrey to
toil as a cabin boy. Maud, who has refused to marry Humphrey because she considered him a
weakling, finds a contrast in Wolf who rules his crew with an iron fist. As The Ghost nears its
destination, Wolf attacks Maud but is seized by one of his terrible headaches, a result of a fight.
Maud and Humphrey use the opportunity to escape in a small boat, landing on an island. Some time
later, The Ghost drifts in, apparently deserted. They go aboard and discover Wolf alone and blind.
With his last spark of life, he attempts to attack Humphrey but is seized by another headache and
dies. The two are finally rescued by a cruiser and Maud, cured of her false ideals of manhood,
realizes that she loves Humphrey.

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Directed by: George Melford

Written by: Will M. Ritchey (scenario)

Based on the novel The Sea-Wolf by Jack London (New York, 1904).

Noah Beery ...'Wolf' Larsen, the Sea Wolf
James Gordon ...'Death' Larsen
Raymond Hatton ...Thomas Mugridge, the Cook
A. Edward Sutherland ...George Leach, the Cabin Boy (as Eddie Sutherland)
Walter Long ...'Black' Harris, the Mate
Fred Huntley ...Old Man Johnson
Mabel Julienne Scott ...Maud Brewster
Tom Forman ...Humphrey Van Weyden
Kamuela C. Searle ...A Seaman
Peggy Pearce ...Undetermined Role
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Famous Players-Lasky Corporation

Distribution Company: Paramount-Artcraft Pictures

Length: 7 Reels
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Released: May 16, 1920
~L314-62 Mabel Julienne Scott & Noah Beery~
~314-43: Mabel Julienne Scott & Noah Beery~
~314-49: Mabel Julienne Scott, Fred Huntley & Noah Beery~
~314-51: Dorothy Davenport, unknown & Noah Beery~
~L314-73 Reed Howes & Noah Beery~
~L314-75 Reed Howes & Noah Beery~