~The Sap~
~S55: Kenneth Harlan, David Butler and Mary McAllister~
~Plot Synopsis~
Barry Weston (Kenneth Harlan), who has been coddled into cowardice by his mother (Eulalie Jensen),
goes off to war and out of sheer terror fights splendidly. He is welcomed back to his hometown as a hero,
though he himself feels that he does not merit the praise. He is idolized by Janet (Mary McAllister), his
sweetheart, but Vance (David Butler), the town bully, is jealous of her attentions to Barry and taunts him
publicly, daring him to fight. Despite her love for him, Janet gives up on Barry, and even his friend Wienie
(Heinie Conklin) thinks him an irremediable coward. Barry returns his medals to the War Department
and in desperation sets out to conquer all his fears; at last, confident, he determines to even the score
with Vance. With his victory over Vance, Barry regains Janet's love and the respect of the town.

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Directed by: Erle C. Kenton    

Written by:
Philip Klein - story
Edward T. Lowe Jr. - story & scenario

Based on the play  The Sap  by William A. Grew (New York, 15 Dec 1924).

Kenneth Harlan ...  Barry Weston
Heinie Conklin ...  Wienie Duke
Mary McAllister ...  Janet
David Butler ...  Vance
Eulalie Jensen ...  Mrs. Weston, Barry's Mother
John Cossar ...  Janet's Father
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Released by: Warner Bros. Pictures

Cinematography by: Edwin B. DuPar
Film Editing by: Clarence Kolster    
Assistant Director: Albert H. Kelley  

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 68 Minutes
Released: March 20, 1926
~S117: Kenneth Harlan & Eulalie Jensen~
~S134: David Butler & Kenneth Harlan~
~S100: (L to R) ?, David Butler, ?, John Cossar, Mary McAllister & Kenneth Harlan (on ground)~
~S-62: Kenneth Harlan & Mary McAllister~
~S-69: Eulalie Jensen, Kenneth Harlan and Mary McAllister~
~S-92: Kenneth Harlan & David Butler~
~S-93: Kenneth Harlan & David Butler~
~112: ?, Mary McAllister & Kenneth Harlen~