~The Rookies Return~
The Thomas H. Ince Productions, The Rookies Return, starring Douglas MacLean, is playing at
Grauman's Million Dollar Theatre. A great deal cannot be said for the story proper, but assisted as it
is by several well thought out laugh situations it makes a more than interesting evening's
entertainment. We are rather inclined to credit the star himself with several of the clever turns. In
any event, the whole is amusing and portions are quite novel, which is the vital point.

MacLean is truly delightful as James Stewart Lee, soldier, book agent and millionaire. His refreshing
personality has made him one of our foremost comedians.

Doris May plays Alicia, the leading female role. She has very little action, but accomplishes it daintily
and satisfactorily.

Leo White amusingly characterizes Henri, voice culturist and near villain. He makes and excellent foil
for the aggressive Douglas.

Frank Currier creates a very lovable role, Dad, the old man with little boy tendencies.

Kathleen Key, Elinor Hancock, Frank Clark and Aggie Herring all do bits.

Jack Nelson directed this picture.

Review from unknown writer and publication - source clipping from the Louise Glaum estate.
~Plot Synopsis~
When rookie Lee returns from France he makes a vain effort to peddle books. He is rewarded only in
meeting pretty Alicia at golf. She takes him into her car, and he decides to visit a wealthy aunt. On
arriving he finds aunt's servants gathered at the reading of her will. She has left each of the three five
thousand dollars, the rest of her estate to Lee provided he keeps them six months. They seek
dismissal to enforce immediate payment. Lee goes to the library to find a book on the subject and
meets "Dad," who gives him good advice. The two strike up a friendship and go to Lee's home, where
Dad may read in peace. He sends a note to his family-he is Alicia's father- but it is torn up by the

Dad lays down the law to the servants and restores order in the house. Lee calls on Alicia, and finds
her distressed. It is suspected that her dad has been kidnapped. Lee takes her photograph and
volunteers to find her missing father, though unaware that he is the gentleman met in the library.
When Dad learns of the anxiety about him, he determines to bring the young people together in a
romantic way.

He sends a note to his family asking that Alicia and one other bring his check book to a country lodge.
Lee accompanies her, and they meet with adventures which bring them back to Lew's own home. In
the midst of her family gathered there, Alicia is made glad of
The Rookie's Return.

Plot Synopsis from unknown writer and publication - source clipping from the Louise Glaum estate.  
Directed by: Jack Nelson

Written by: Archer MacMackin

Douglas MacLean ... James Stewart Lee
Doris May ...Alicia
Frank Currier ...Dad
Leo White ...Henri
Kathleen Kay ...Gloria
Elinor Hancock ...Mrs. Radcliffe
William Courtright ...Gregg
Frank Clark ...Tubbs
Aggie Herring ...Mrs. Perkins
Wallace Beery ...François Dupont
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Thomas H. Ince Productions

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures

Producer: Thomas H. Ince
Cinematography by: Bert Cann
Art Direction by: W.L. Heywood
Thomas H. Ince

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: December 26, 1920