~The Reward~
~Bessie Barriscale~
~Plot Synopsis~
Chorus girl Jane Wallace (Bessie Barriscale) has earned the soubriquet "Iceberg" because of her refusal
to compromise her values by leading the libertine lifestyle of her co-workers. Eventually, however, Jane
begins to weaken and at one point nearly allows herself to be the "kept woman" of a millionaire. But fate
takes a hand in matters when our heroine is called upon to help out during a premature childbirth.
Witnessing her compassion during this emergency is poor-but-proud Dan Colby (Arthur Maude), who
persuades Jane to give up show business to become his wife. Produced by Thomas H. Ince, The Reward
provided a little extra employment for two veterans of Ince's William S. Hart pictures: actress Louise
Glaum and screenwriter C. Gardner Sullivan.

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Directed by: Reginald Barker

Written by:
Thomas H. Ince - writer
C. Gardner Sullivan - scenario

Bessie Barriscale ...  Jane Wallace
Arthur Maude ...  Dan Conby
Louise Glaum ...  Trixie
Margaret Thompson ...  Pinkie
J.P. Lockney
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: New York Motion Picture

Distribution Company: Mutual Film

Length: 4 Reels
Runtime: 40 Minutes
Released: June 24, 1915