~The Pleasant Devil~
AKA The Beloved Cheater
~Doris Pawn & Lew Cody~
~Plot Synopsis~
In this comedy, a man is engaged to a prudish young lady (Doris Pawn) who thinks kissing is "disgusting."
To cure her of this attitude, he enlists the help of his friend Bruce Sands (Lew Cody), a confirmed
bachelor who has turned lovemaking into a fine art. The plan is to have the three of them in a room and
suddenly turn the lights off. Bruce is to kiss the girl, but before the lights go on, her fiancé is to take his
place. However, they didn't consider the fact that Bruce's mustache -- and the fiancé's lack of one --
would reveal the kisser's true identity. Naturally the girl is awakened by Bruce's passionate smooch and
he's the one she now wants. It takes the rest of the film to get this situation untangled so that the engaged
pair can marry and Bruce can go on with his carefree, philandering ways. Cody's skillful playing (or
perhaps it was just type-casting) of characters like this one earned him a cinematic reputation as a

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com

Lew Cody ...  Bruce Sands
Doris Pawn ...  Dorothy Sands
Eileen Percy ...  Eulalie Morgan
Jack Mower ...  Kingdon Challoner
Alice Fleming ...  Mrs. Thorndyke-Brook
Frederick Vroom ...  Mr. Challoner
Andrew Robson ...  Mr. Morgan
James Wang ...  Himself
Kathleen Kirkham
Directed by:
Christy Cabanne
Louis J. Gasnier

Written by:
Lew Cody - writer  
Louis J. Gasnier - writer

Based on a story by Jules Furthman.
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: Lew Cody Films Corporation (for)
Astra Film

Distribution Company: Robertson-Cole Distributing Corporation

Produced by: Lew Cody
Cinematography by: Joseph A. Du Bray
Art Direction by: Frank Ormston
Electrician: Denver Harmon

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 50 Minutes
Released: December 1919