~The Patriot~
~Neil Hamilton~
~Plot Synopsis~
Ernst Lubitsch, well-known for his sophisticated romantic comedies, proved that he was equally adept at
historical drama in this lavishly-mounted story. Count Pahlen (Lewis S. Stone) is a close and trusted friend
of Paul I (Emil Jannings), a Russian Czar of the 18th century. Russia is in turmoil and the czar fears for his
life; while Pahlen holds a fierce loyalty to Paul I as both a friend and a ruler, he is deeply troubled by the
czar's increasingly violent tirades, unstable leadership, and the desperate poverty of many of his
countrymen. Stefan (Harry Cording) -- a guard at the czar's palace who has been mistreated by Paul I --
and Mlle. Lapoukhine (Vera Voronina), the czar's lover, become involved in a plot to assassinate the ruler.
Pahlen agrees to help them, though not without severe misgivings as he betrays a friend for the good of
his native land. Shot as a silent feature while sound films were beginning to take over, The Patriot features
several scenes with dialogue that were added without Lubitsch's participation shortly before its release;
the finished product earned five Academy Award nominations, with Hanns Kraly winning an Oscar for his

Plot Synopsis by Mark Deming, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Ernst Lubitsch    

Written by:
Ashley Dukes - play
Julian Johnson - titles
Hanns Kräly - adaptation
Dmitri Merezhkovsky - story "Paul I"

Based on the novel Der Patriot; Drama in 5 Akten by Alfred Neumann
(Stuttgart, 1927).

Emil Jannings ...  Czar Paul I
Florence Vidor ...  Countess Ostermann
Lewis Stone ...  Count Pahlen
Vera Voronina ...  Mademoiselle Lapoukhine
Neil Hamilton ...  Crown Prince Alexander
Harry Cording ...  Stefan
Carmencita Johnson ...  Baby
Tullio Carminati ...  Bit Role - uncredited
~Remaining Credits~

Produced & Distributed by: Paramount Pictures

Produced by: Ernst Lubitsch  
Cinematography by: Bert Glennon    
Film Editing by: Ernst Lubitsch    
Art Direction by: Hans Dreier    
Costume Design by: Ali Hubert    
Unit Manager: Eric Locke
Assistant Directors: George Hippard & George Yohalem  
Props: Bob Margolo   
Assistant Camera: Ralph Burdick & William H. Clothier & William Rand - uncredited  
Negative Cutter: Hans Blanche  
Production Secretary: Barbara Bridgeford
Technical Director: Eugene Hager
Technical Advisor: Nicholas Kobliansky
Presenters: Jesse L. Lasky & Adolph Zukor

Length: 12 Reels
Runtime: 113 Minutes
Released: September 1, 1928