~The Night of Love~
~N. L.-2: Ronald Colman & Vilma Banky~
~Plot Synopsis~
Based on a story by 17th-century Spanish playwright Calderon de la Barca, A Night of Love is based on
the ancient (and historically suspect) tradition of droit du seigneur. Ronald Colman stars as gypsy prince
Montero, whose wedding night is rudely interrupted by the despotic Duke de la Garda (Montague Love).
Exercising his prerogative as a titled landowner, the Duke abducts Montero's young bride and "has his
way" with her. The poor girl dies from the disgrace, whereupon the hot-blooded Montero swears
revenge. So it is that during the Duke's subsequent wedding party, in rides Montero to kidnap the new
duchess, Princess Maria (Vilma Banky). Though fully intending to rape Maria in the same manner that his
bride was violated, Montero is too honorable to take advantage of his lovely captive. Accordingly, Maria
slowly falls in love with her handsome abductor, leading to a magnificently melodramatic climax as the
heroine pleads for the hero's life when the Duke sentences Montero to burn at the stake.

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Directed by: George Fitzmaurice    

Written by: Lenore J. Coffee - adaptation & screenplay

Based on a play by Pedro Calderòn de la Barca (production undetermined).

Ronald Colman ...  Montero
Vilma Bánky ...  Princess Marie
Montagu Love ...  Duke de la Garda
Natalie Kingston ...  Donna Beatriz
John George ...  Jester
Bynunsky Hyman ...  Bandit (as B. Hyman)
Gibson Gowland ...  Bandit
Laska Winters ...  Gypsy Bride (as Laska Winter)
Sally Rand ...  Gypsy Dancer
William H. Tooker ...  Spanish Ambassador
Charles Holt ...  Grandee
Eugenie Besserer ...  Gypsy (uncredited)
Agostino Borgato ...  Gypsy (uncredited)
Marion Morgan Dancers ...  Dancing Ensemble (uncredited)
Isabelle Keith ...  Wedding Banquet Guest (uncredited)
Augustina López ...  Gypsy (uncredited)
Chris-Pin Martin ...  Gypsy (uncredited)
Zeffie Tilbury ...  Lady in Waiting (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Company: The Samuel Goldwyn Company

Distribution Company: United Artists

Produced by: Samuel Goldwyn  
Cinematography by: George Barnes & Thomas Brannigan    
Casting by: Robert McIntyre - uncredited  
Art Direction by: Carl Oscar Borg

Length: 8 Reels
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Released: January 22, 1927