~The Narrow Trail~
~Plot Synopsis~
Although Ice Harding (William S. Hart), a member of an outlaw gang, escapes from the sheriff on his
swift pinto pony, "The King," the sheriff vows to "get" Ice one day. Sometime later, during a holdup of a
stage, Ice encounters the nefarious "Admiral" Bates (Milton Ross), a San Francisco vice lord, and his
pretty niece, Betty Werdin (Sylvia Breamer). Ice refuses to take Betty's jewelry because he thinks that
she is a lady and is attracted to her, then later encounters her again when he moves to Saddle City,
posing as a rich rancher. Betty also admires Ice and will not help her uncle in his plan to cheat Ice, whom
Bates believes is wealthy. She gives Ice an address to reach her in the city, but when he tries to find her
he instead discovers that she is a dance hall girl in a waterfront saloon where Moose Halloran (Robert
Kortman) plans to shanghai him. Eventually they meet again in Saddle City where they decide to go
straight and begin a new life after Ice and The King win a thousand dollars in a horse race. Narrow Trail
has assumed legendary status in recent years due to an effusive critique of the film's barroom brawl
sequence, written by Jean Cocteau. Alas, the "naked bodies slippery with blood" so eloquently described
by Cocteau are nowhere to be found in the film.

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Directed by:
William S. Hart    
Lambert Hillyer    

Written by:
William S. Hart - story
Harvey F. Thew - writer

William S. Hart ...  Ice Harding
Sylvia Breamer ...  Betty Werdin
Milton Ross ...  'Admiral' Bates
Bob Kortman ...  Moose Holleran
Fritz ...  King, Ice's new horse
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies:
Artcraft Pictures Corporation
William S. Hart Productions

Distribution Company: Paramount Pictures

Produced by: Thomas H. Ince  
Cinematography by: Joseph H. August

Length: 5 Reels
Runtime: 68 Minutes
Released: December 30, 1917
~William S. Hart & Sylvia Breamer~