~The Mind-the-Paint Girl~
~3238.142: Hattie Delaro & Gladys Valerie~
~7040.142: Front: Anita Stewart & Vernon Steele, Back: ?, ?, Gladys Valerie, Arthur Donaldson, Templar
Saxe, Hattie Delaro & Conway Tearle~
~7273-142: ?, ?, Gladys Valerie, Templar Saxe, Anita Stewart, Evart Overton and ?~
~7330.142: Hattie Delaro, Anita Stewart, Templar Saxe &
Gladys Valerie~
~Plot Synopsis~
Lily UpJohn (Anita Stewart), a girl from the slums of London, becomes a chorus girl who gets her big
break when a prop man knocks a can of paint off the theater scaffolding. Her admonishment to "Mind the
paint!" is overheard by a composer and it ends up as the inspiration for the hit song of the play he is
working on. Lily, now known as Lily Parradell, gets to sing this unlikely number and becomes a star
overnight. The "Mind the Paint Girl" winds up with two suitors: Captain Nicholas Jeyes (Conway Tearle)
who loves her so much that he gives up his army career to be near her, and the aristocratic Lord
Francombe (Victor Steele). Jeyes' jealousy causes a rift between him and Lily, and it gets even worse
when he finds her in Lord Francombe's embrace. But eventually she and Jeyes are reconciled and they
marry. This picture was based on the hit play by Sir Arthur Wing Pinero. The ladylike Anita Stewart was
miscast as Lily. Tearle, on the other hand, was well-suited for the role of Jeyes.

Plot Synopsis by Janiss Garza, AllMovie.com
Directed by: Wilfrid North

Based on the play  The "Mind the Paint" Girl  by Sir Arthur Wing Pinero
(London, 17 Feb 1912).

Anita Stewart ...  Lily Upjohn / Lily Parradell
Conway Tearle ...  Capt. Nicholas Jeyes
Vernon Steele ...  Lord Francombe (as Victor Steele)
Templar Saxe ...  Lal Roper
Arthur Donaldson ...  Vincent Bland
Robert Lee Keeling ...  Col. The Hon. Arthur Stidulph
Virginia Norden ...  Mrs. Arthur Stidulph
Hattie Delaro ...  Mrs. Upjohn
George Stewart ...  Bob
Gladys Valerie ...  Jimmie Birch
Katherine Lewis ...  (uncredited)
Evart Overton ...  (uncredited)
Dorothy Portingall ...  (uncredited)
Denton Vane ...  (uncredited)
~Remaining Credits~

Production Companies:
Anita Stewart Productions
Vitagraph Company of America

Distribution Company: First National Exhibitors' Circuit

Produced by: Anita Stewart
Cinematography by: John W. Brown

Length: 6 Reels
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Released: November 10, 1919